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An Introduction to Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a light-weight flooring that come in a wide range of colors and textures.  It is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and interior designers alike because this renewable source of wood is environmentally friendly and cost effective.  It is has a beautiful finish and extremely durable. In fact, bamboo is 10% harder than red oak.

Like finished hardwood flooring, bamboo comes pre-finished, saving you time and because you don’t have to sand, polish, and coat onsite.  In addition, bamboo flooring can be laid easily over existing flat flooring.  This makes bamboo flooring ideal for the DIY home installer.

Benefits of Bamboo

Not only is bamboo flooring allergy free, it is also an environmentally friendly renewable resource, and is resistant to termites.  Unlike most hardwoods, bamboo is extremely resilient to water and changes in temperature which makes it ideal for large commercial projects and rooms in the home that are susceptible to water splash.  Most bamboo flooring products are UV cured and coated with a minimum of three layers of hard wearing polyurethane. 

Outweighing all the other benefits is the fact that bamboo flooring is truly beautiful.  Walking into a room with bamboo flooring can be breathtaking, and the wide variety of bamboo colors and textures allows the homeowner to customize their floors to suit individual tastes.  Bamboo flooring truly is amazing stuff. 

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