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Buying Direct From Flooring Manufacturers
http://www.made-in-china.comThe purchase of the flooring for a big project to remodel a room or your entire home is a major investment.  Of the many expenses that go into a remodeling project, the raw materials for putting down a new floor represent a big part of that budget.  If for no other reason than that flooring represents such a large physical part of your project, there are good reasons to find ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

The most expensive way to buy your flooring is to go to a retail center and buy it at retail prices.  You are paying a lot of mark up along with the salary of that salesman and the rent on that building.  So its good to develop a strategy for buying direct from the flooring manufacturers because that is the best way to get high quality product at a good price .

Making Contacts

It takes a little more research to make the kind of contacts you need to buy direct from the manufacturer.  But flooring manufacturers have methods of distributing product to dealers that if you get in that flow, you can get a great deal on high quality flooring.  Of course, the most direct way to find out how to buy from a manufacturer is to contact them directly.  There are several ways to approach a manufacturer including working through a manufacturer wholesaler.  Every manufacturer maintains a network of wholesalers for distribution of the product.  While these wholesalers work mostly with retail flooring businesses, they may have a way for you to buy direct if you can arrange to pick up the flooring at the warehouse.  They still make their mark up and you get a great deal.

The internet is also a great way to find outlets that manufacturers use to sell direct to the public.  Often you can find a wholesale outlet or a way to even buy direct from the manufacturer.  As is the case with buying from the distributor, you may have to be prepared to pay for shipping or arrange transportation and storage of your flooring.  Be prepared for that eventuality because if the deal you need comes along two months before you are ready to do your flooring project, you should be ready to move to get the flooring you want direct rather than buy and pay retail.

Know Your Stuff

It may take some time to find the kind of manufacturer outlet you need, to build a relationship with a distributor or to wait for when that door opens for a short time for you to make the deal you want.  To make sure the time you spend negotiating with an agent who can help you buy direct from the manufacturer, know what you want in terms of type of flooring, colors and other specifications.  While you are putting together your shopping list, be sure you find viable alternatives should not be able to buy the exact flooring from the specific manufacturer you have in mind.  By being ready when you begin hitting the wholesale markets, you demonstrate you know what you want which makes the process go much more smoothly.

Patience Pays Off

It may take some time to build the relationships you need to buy direct from the manufacturer.  That means you should start early.  If you plan to remodel a room of your house or even all of the floors, it isn’t out of line to begin this process six months or a year in advance.  It also means thinking through the purchase process and being prepared if you have to take delivery on the terms of the distributor.  Better to store your flooring for a few months in a guest room or basement than to miss a great deal.  

Above all, it means being willing to wait until the manufacturers need to sell direct to clear out inventory or for other reasons.  By staying on top of your network that you built, you know when that short window of time when that great flooring deal is there and you can strike at just the right time to get the flooring deal of a lifetime.


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