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Compare Congoleum Laminate Flooring Options
The Congoleum corporation is one of the most well known manufacturers of flooring products in the country.  While professionals in the flooring industry have a lot of respect for Congoleum, not many know that the company is based in Mercerville, New Jersey and that it is a company that is over 100 years old.  Any company that well established knows how to continue improve its product line to offer flooring that people want and need.  

While Congoleum is well known for its tile and sheet vinyl product lines, lately it has introduced two strong competitors in the laminate flooring arena and those products almost certainly will make waves for other laminate flooring competitors.

The Quiet Laminate

It is actually pretty amazing considering how long Congoleum has been around that this new line of products is their first entry in the laminate products area.  The have named this new line The Quiet Laminate.  The design plan that Congoleum hopes to achieve through this new line of laminate is to offer to their customers a complete line of laminate products and, through the addition of The Quiet Laminate, be able to support retailers and end customers with all of their flooring needs.  Its an ambitious goal but Congoleum is in the position to pull it off.

Evermore and Omega

In order to offer variety in laminate flooring to give customers plenty of choices, there are two lines of laminate flooring that are part of The Quiet Laminate family of products.  Those two laminate flooring lines are Evermore and Omega.  The top dollar laminate flooring line will be the Evermore brand.  The name was chosen berceuse the laminate was designed to deliver exceptional durability to customers.  Combined with a strong variety of styles and colors and a modern approach to installation, this will enable the DIY crowd.  In this way, Congoleum feels that these qualities will appeal to customers.

The Omega laminate flooring brand will represent a completive pricing strategy while still offering customers a good quality for a lower cost.  Nonetheless, the plan is for Omega to include hardwood laminate colors that are most commonly in demand by customers including oak, beech, alder, maple, Southern pine, birch and cherry.

The price differences will be significant but not dramatic with the cost of Evermore laminate averaging just over a dollar a square foot more than the Omega line.  But Evermore will give customers the chance to buy into a high pressure laminate product compared to the direct pressure laminate that is represented in the Omega line of laminate flooring products.

Supporting the Retailer

The reasoning for entering the laminate marketplace is strategic as well as customer service driven. Congoleum has such a strong name in the flooring business that the company felt they could leverage their strong reputation to capture a big share of the laminate flooring market.  Strategically, Congoleum utilized its partnership with Kronospan to give its extensive network of distributors and retailers this laminate flooring product line that will have a good presence in a retail space which means it has a big profit making potential.


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