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Dupont Laminate Flooring
http://www.flooring-shop.comWhen you begin shopping for the flooring you will use for your home remodeling project, it is natural to want to buy from the best.  While there are dozens of flooring manufacturers, there are a handful of top names that will come up again and again.  Armstrong, Bruce and Shaw are all big names in the flooring manufacturing world.  But a name we often associate with paint also dominates the flooring retail world as well.  That name is Dupont.

One reason to give the top four or five flooring manufacturers consideration is that they got to the point of dominating the flooring marketplace for a reason.  Part of that reason is they have the resources, the manufacturing plants and staff and the size to make high quality flooring and still deliver that flooring to you at a good cost.  This is the niche where Dupont fits very well.  You will encounter Dupont laminate flooring in every flooring retailer you visit.  Every flooring installer will be familiar with Dupont products and will had experience with working with the products of this company.  That means you take a lot of the guesswork out of the process of putting new flooring in your home because you are buying from a known entity.

Looks Plus Durability Plus Price

Sometimes we assume that the major players in any product field are not going to produce as good of a product as a smaller manufacturer.  One reason Dupont has done well in the flooring marketplace is the products they make defy that assumption.  There are plenty of independent reviews to confirm that Dupont flooring can compete with any other brand as a great looking laminate flooring alternative.  

Large producers like Dupont are successful because of recommendations and repeat business.  That means that people who have installed Dupont laminate floors find them to be long lasting and to even hold up to lots of traffic and "abuse".  To be able to perform like this and retain a "like new" level of beauty is the hallmark of a quality large flooring supplier like Dupont.

One of the things that people object to about large manufacturers and suppliers is that they dominate the market.  Dupont can leverage their ability to control costs and their corporate objective to stay profitable by keeping costs low without reducing any of the quality they offer to you, the customer.  This combination of a great looking flooring that is highly durable and at a price that is highly competitive is what puts Dupont out in front as a flooring manufacturer.

Its All About the People

The strength of a big company like Dupont means that they can put a lot of customer support behind their product.  Unlike a smaller manufacturer, Dupont can provide a vast amount of help to you before, during and after the sale.  You can get help with the selection process including how to evaluate what is the best kind of flooring for your vision for your new room.  

During the process, Dupont has the expertise to put at your disposal to help you if you are installing your flooring yourself or to provide references or even installer talent to install  your flooring.  It is in their vested interest that your floor looks great when it is installed and that the installation is done right so your floor gives you years of trouble free service.  Even after the sale, if your floor becomes damaged or you need help with cleaning questions, you can come to your Dupont supplier or to help personnel with the company for that advice.

There are many fine flooring manufacturers competing for your business.  Many smaller flooring suppliers can do an outstanding job for you.  But they all have stiff competition in Dupont which is very good for the consumer world.  And that means that Dupont flooring deserves serious consideration for your next flooring project.


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