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Easy to Use Directory of Flooring Companies
http://www.andoverfloorcoverings.co.ukWhen you set out to buy flooring for your home improvement project, the more you know about the suppliers that you can buy from, the better.  Probably the most well known directory of local flooring companies is your old fashioned yellow pages.  By looking under "flooring" or "hardwood floors" or other topic headings, you will get pointed to the top local distributors of flooring products.

Knowing your local supplier is always a good start.  But over the last decade, the internet has supplanted even the yellow pages as a way to compile are more exhaustive list of flooring companies.  While you certainly will not shop with every company you find, its good to have reference points for the major directors of flooring companies that you can use to navigate this big marketplace.

List of online flooring company directories

·    Bamboo Flooring Company - http://www.bamboo-flooring.com/
·    The business to business flooring directory - http://www.b2byellowpages.com/directory/b2b_construction/flooring.shtml
·    The US floor guide searchable by  state - http://www.usfloorguide.com/
·    Flooring Importers - http://www.importexporthelp.com/dircom15.htm
·    Discount Flooring Companies - http://www.nexport.com/companybrowsebygroup.cfm?l2=3803
·    Freeindex of UK flooring companies - http://www.freeindex.co.uk/categories/property/property_maintenance/flooring/
·    The UK business directory - http://www.ukindustry.co.uk/directory/final.php?id=5934
·    Flooring companies in China - http://www.made-in-china.com/manufacturers-search/china-products/huntb3nolimit/Flooring-1.html
·    Flooring Companies in Europe - http://www.ezilon.com/business/building_materials/flooring/index.shtml
·    Laminate Flooring Manufacturers - http://www.floorfacts.com/laminatefloors.asp
·    Hardwood Flooring Manufacturers - http://www.floorfacts.com/hardwood-floors.asp
·    The Home Improvement Web - http://www.homeimprovementweb.com/directory/Manufacturers/Flooring/
·    The Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association - http://www.nofma.org/
·    Tile and Stone Flooring Manufacturers - http://www.business.com/directory/real_estate_and_construction/commercial_construction/equipment_and_materials/building_products/floors/tile_and_stone/
·    Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers - http://www.business.com/directory/real_estate_and_construction/commercial_construction/equipment_and_materials/building_products/floors/vinyl/
·    Laminate Flooring Manufacturers - http://www.tradekey.com/ks-laminate-flooring/

Taking Your Search to the Next Level

As you can see the list of suppliers or manufacturers that can be had online is pretty extensive.  It will pay you to learn how to use Google in various ways.  You will get a new list that is unique if you search on "Flooring Companies" compared to what you get when you search on "Flooring Manufacturers" or "Flooring Suppliers".  Google is very good at refining your search. So if you only want to know about companies with local contacts, you can "Google" the term "flooring businesses in Dallas" or wherever your search needs to focus.

Also don’t overlook a great human directory of flooring companies which are the flooring contractors you may be interviewing to put in your floor.  If the contractor is truly independent, he will have an encyclopedic knowledge of the major flooring companies that can address your flooring needs specifically.  He will also know contact names and which of those companies are "the good ones".  Using an hour or two of his time can yield rich results in giving you plenty of options when you start shopping for the flooring for your next big interior decorating project.


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