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Find the Best Deals on Alloc Flooring
http://www.carpetexpress.comIn any product area, there is always someone improving the product and coming up with a new idea.  So in the area of laminate flooring, a Swedish company named Alloc has been that kind of force of innovation.  So before you make your final decision, its worth it to find out how Alloc flooring can make your flooring installation a much easier and more economical event for you.

How to Find Alloc Flooring Deals.

You may have to look for a good deal on Alloc flooring.  If you have a good representation of quality flooring retailers in your community, they will probably carry Alloc flooring.  In fact, finding if there are more than one retailer to get this specialized kind of flooring may be the best way to get the price down.  That is because competition is the best way to put some pressure on a flooring retailer to want to win your deal.  By noting the prices in each retail location, you can play them against each other.  The flooring supplier who wants the deal the most will give you the best deal.

You can use the same tactic and bring in the internet.  You certainly will be able to find great prices on Alloc furniture through online distributors.  But keep in mind that the shipping on flooring would probably eat up any savings if you actually bought from them. But you can find good prices and let your local flooring outlets know about them to see if that creates competition for your business.

So What's the Big Deal?

The innovation that Alloc has brought to the laminate flooring market lies in how their flooring panels are made and how they are installed.  Alloc has innovated a unique interlocking planks system that has taken glue out of the equation when it comes to installing your new flooring.  Most of the time when a laminate floor is laid down, there is a involved system of gluing the boards to each other and using clamps to turn many flooring boards into one functional floor.

Alloc's system makes that system obsolete and makes installation of a new laminate floor more like doing a very easy jigsaw puzzle.  There is no need for glue or clamps.  The planks snap together easily, like the Lego pieces the kids play with.  In addition to eliminating much of the time and expense of installation, this system is far more durable and strong than the traditional method of putting in flooring.  The Alloc company is so confident that their product is reliable that they offer the only lifetime guarantee on their flooring in the business.  Now that is a product you can have some confidence in.

DIY is Now an Option

Before this breakthrough design, installation of a laminate floor was a involved operation that included laying down sub floor, using glue and clamps to put each plank into place and securing the planks to the sub floor.  In addition to eliminating the need for glue or clamps, Alloc flooring has the base of the floor already attached to the planks.  That means no more nails.  You just put the flooring in place, snap it together and you are done.  This  makes the idea of installing your own floor very much a possibility.  

So in addition to the deals you can get by shopping in a savvy way for your Alloc flooring, you can virtually eliminate the installation professional from your flooring budget entirely.  You can literally lay the flooring yourself in an afternoon and be entertaining on it that night.  This was unheard of before the Alloc innovations in flooring.  And it makes this innovative design one you should definitely take a look at before you buy the flooring for your next remodeling project.


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