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How To Find Discount Flooring In Your Area
http://www.affordafloors.comLaying down new flooring is a big project by anyone's standards.  If you are putting new flooring in every room such as you might do if you are renovating a home for resale or if you bought a "fixer upper" that you want to turn into a palace for your family, the costs of new floors can overwhelm you.  So its good to know both how to find good discount flooring that you can lay your hands on in bulk and who you need to talk to get a good deal on flooring so your budget doesn't take a deadly blow so early in your project.

Know What You Are Looking For

The first thing you should do before you set out into the world of discount is be prepared. The one way that shopping for a good deal on flooring compares to a battle is that you will only win if you are ready to rumble when you start having discussions with flooring suppliers.  So do your homework, read as many flooring buying guides  as you can lay your hands on so you know your flooring inside and out.  

Learn the jargon of flooring.  As is true of any specialized product, there is a language to flooring that people who know the business understand.  Reading articles and reviews of flooring is one way to pick up on terms you may need to know.  Focus on terminology that pertains to the flooring product itself as opposed to terms about tools or installation methods.  Terms like "floating laminate" and "engineered hardwood" are very meaningful and they could enter into your negotiations for a great price for discount flooring.  When you know the lingo, you earn respect from the insiders you want to work with and respect gets you better deals.

Bulk Buys Bargains

Discounts can be had by buying in bulk.  This is why a wholesaler can get the kinds of prices that he can get.  If you want that same level of savings, you must find a way to buy in bulk.  Now if you flip houses for profit, you may be able to buy bulk flooring because you will using it over the course of many months remodeling many homes.  But even then, you face the problem of storage which can eat up the savings you worked so hard to get by buying in bulk.

There are other ways to buy in bulk without ending up with a garage full of flooring that you don't need.  You can partner with a flooring wholesaler if you have a relationship with such a business person.  By having the wholesaler simply up his order for his next big shipment of flooring, you can get your supply at a drastically discounted price.  Just remember to add a little kick back to the wholesaler for letting you participate in his good deals.

Another way to buy in bulk is to go together with a number of friends to buy the same kind of flooring.  This is tricky though because to get all of your friends to agree on one thing may be an uphill battle.  But keep your eyes open for building projects where a lot of flooring will be bought such as the construction of a large building.  By working with the purchasing agent, you may be able to swing a deal to cash in on their bulk ordering capabilities.

Working Cyberspace

While its best to work with a local supplier to get discount flooring, the internet can be helpful to you.  For one thing, it’s a valuable research tool to get a feel for what things cost in the first place.  But the other way you can leverage cyberspace is by finding outstanding deals online and then taking those deals to your flooring supplier with the implied threat that they will lose your business to the internet merchant.  

Right now, there is a lot of panic in almost every commercial and retail setting that sales are being lost to the internet.  Use that panic to find a great deal that your local flooring supplier may match or beat rather than lose y our business to cyberspace.  You may never have intended to buy online because the shipping costs would eat up the savings.  But by using the presence of good deals online, you can work a better deal locally.  That is savvy negotiations and that is what it takes to get a really great price on the flooring you need for your next remodeling project.


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