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How to Get Wholesale Prices on Hardwood Flooring
http://www.mdhardwoodflooring.comHardwood flooring can be one of the more expensive approaches to remodeling your flooring as part of an overall interior design make over of your home.  But for many of us, having hardwood floors is a dream come true.  And realizing that dream makes it worth the investment of time as well as funds to get high quality hardwood flooring installed in your home.

But even though you may be prepared to invest "whatever it takes" to get quality hardwood flooring, there is always room to seek out discount or wholesale prices for that flooring if you can find it.  As you have no doubt learned, there is always someone who knows someone who can "get it wholesale".  So it makes sense to find some ways to get discount flooring from area merchants .  

Considering what a big purchase hardwood flooring is, even if you just find a marginal discount, that could mean saving some serious money.  If you are redoing all of the floors in your home, that can mount up into a big investment.  If you can find it wholesale, that’s a major savings that could go for other parts of your remodeling program.

Wholesale Right Under Your Nose

The conspicuous way to get the hardwood flooring that you need for your new floor is to allow the local flooring retailer that you are in relationship with to quote you a price and then sell you the flooring which will include the shipping costs.  The retailer will no doubt give you a percentage discount simply because that is good business.  But that discount comes from a substantial mark up.  So they are not giving you a good enough deal and it certainly isn’t selling the flooring to you wholesale.

To get your flooring wholesale, you will have to work with someone who can get large quantities of flooring wholesale and who is not making his money from the sale of flooring product.  The individual who is right under your nose who may be of significant value to you is your flooring installer.  By working with him, he will either have a relationship with flooring suppliers or he knows someone who does.  He can work that relationship to get the flooring for your project at wholesale prices in order to win the bid to do your installation for you.

Interrupting the Supply Chain

The ideal would be to be able to buy your flooring at wholesale or lower by getting it directly from the manufacturer.  But flooring manufacturers only sell to wholesalers because they must sell in very high quantities to afford the wholesale prices they sell at.  So each time a new batch of hardwood flooring is produced, it is sold to an area wholesaler who then takes delivery on a large quantity of flooring and stores it in his warehouse.

That wholesaler is the middle man to get to know.  He is in the business of passing various types of flooring along to retailers and other distributors.  By building a relationship with that wholesale distributor, he may be quite willing to sell flooring to you at near wholesale prices if you can come to the warehouse and truck it away.  For the cost of renting a truck and that small mark up, you can get a great deal in the hardwood flooring you need for your project.

Deals that Spring Into Existence

Another resource for heavily discounted flooring are clearance sales.  Many times when the new styles and models of flooring are on their way to the stores, they will clear out old flooring materials to make room for the new.  Retailers are often quite liberal in discounts with this kind of material because they don’t want to "get stuck" with last years flooring that they believe will not sell.

But you know that flooring is flooring.  By being aware of the type of hardwood flooring you need and learning when these kinds of clearance sales are going to happen, you can be in the right place at the right time to load up all the hardwood flooring you need for your project.

It just takes a little savvy negotiation, some strategic building of relationships and some "thinking outside the box" to find really great deals on hardwood flooring.  Your creative shopping will pay off in a big way when you can get a huge discount on the flooring you need to make your home look like a palace.  So plan to reward yourself with a nice steak dinner when you get your hardwood floor installed far under budget because you knew how to "get it wholesale."


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