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Suppliers of Laminate Floors in the United Kingdom
http://www.realoakfloors.co.ukLaminate flooring is not an old technology.  It was actually invented in Sweden in the 1980s but the popularity of this innovative flooring solution quickly spread throughout America and Europe.  The reasons for the popularity of laminate floors lie in its toughness and durability combined with ease of installation and maintenance and a lower cost than conventional hardwood floors.  And yet once laminate floors are in place in a home or business, it is impossible to distinguish them from real hardwood floors.

Because of the popularity of laminate flooring, the number of quality suppliers in the UK has grown steadily.  It is quite easy to find a good supplier and talented installers if you wish to buy laminate flooring for your home remodeling plans.

A Sample List

·    Alloc of Norway - http://www.alloc.com/
·    Elesgo of Germany - http://www.elesgo.de/portal/
·    Flooring Direct - http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/
·    Floors 2 Go - http://www.floors2go.co.uk/
·    Quick Step of Belgium - http://www.quick-step.com/
·    Completely Flooring - http://www.completelyflooring.co.uk/
·    Flooring Supplies Co. - http://www.flooringsupplies.co.uk/
·    Woodline Floors - http://www.woodlinefloors.co.uk/
·    Wood2u - http://www.wood2u.co.uk/
·    Flooring2floors - http://www.flooring2floors.co.uk/
·    Floors2urdoor - http://www.floors2urdoor.co.uk/
·    BHK - http://www.bhkonline.com/
·    UK Flooring Supplies - http://www.ukflooringsupplies.com/
·    1926 Trading Company - http://www.1926woodflooring.co.uk/
·    Amtico - http://www.amtico.com/selector
·    Floorz - http://www.floorz.co.uk/
·    Forbo Flooring - http://www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/default.aspx
·    Glenwood Flooring - http://www.glenwoodflooring.com/

Another great way to find the best of the best of UK laminate flooring suppliers is by researching suppliers through builders associations such as…

·    The Contract Flooring Association - http://www.cfa.org.uk/
·    The Laminate Flooring Association - http://www.nalfa.com/
·    The Barbour Compendium - http://www.barbourproductsearch.info/
·    RIBA - http://www.ribaproductselector.com/Default.aspx
·    The British Board of Agrement - http://www.bbacerts.co.uk/
·    BSI - http://www.bsigroup.com/

Finding Your Laminate Supplier

By getting familiar with the top names in laminate installers, you are well on your way to realizing your dream of a beautify new floor installation.  You can localize your search by identifying local contractors who are a good reputation for installing laminate floors.  Many of them will not be strictly flooring installers.  But if you know a general contractor who has a strong history working with laminate flooring, that is a resource worth exploring.

Don't overlook contacts that you can get from recommendations from friends or from your flooring retailer.  If these contractors have made a good name for themselves providing top notch service to people you know, that is a strong endorsement that these are the suppliers that will do a good job for you as well.


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