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Tips for Finding Discounted Laminate Flooring
http://flooringfx.comWhen you are going to lay down a new laminate floor in your home, it can get to be a costly operation.  The extent of the "damage" may be determined by whether you are putting new flooring in a small kitchen or redoing the entire house.  But next to labor costs, the cost of the laminate flooring itself will represent a significant part of the cost of the project.

We all are looking for ways to sustain a good quality of life on a budget particularly during tough economic times.  So it makes sense before you finalize your purchase of the laminate flooring you want to see what opportunities there are in your community to find a great deal on flooring .

Lower Prices Not Lower Quality

It is not difficult to find offers for cheap laminate flooring.  You can see them in your local paper, advertised on TV and in the spam filters of your email box.  For many of these offers, you know that either the supplier is shady and he will disappear days after the sale or the laminate being sold is of inferior quality or both.  So you have to know exactly how much you will compromise on quality to get a deal on the laminate flooring you need.  

The first step is to know what good laminate flooring looks and feels like.  There is no substitute for visiting the high end retailers and "shopping" for the ideal laminate flooring for your project and for your home.  While there, have the salesman help you understand how to evaluate laminate flooring.  He or she will be glad to do that to help you get a feel for why you might consider spending the extra money on top of the line flooring.  What you are doing is getting a free education in evaluating flooring.  But get that sales person's name berceuse you might need it later.

Discount Stores

Armed with a good awareness of what quality laminate flooring looks and feels like, you can begin to visit the flooring discount stores in town or in neighboring communities.  It might be worth even driving a couple of hours to the closest large retail community if there is a good chance you can get a great deal on good quality discount flooring.  In addition to learning how to judge good laminate flooring, you will develop a feel for the name brands and the top competition in the world of laminate flooring.  This is valuable information when you hit the discount stores.

Both brands and quality should be factors in evaluating the discounted laminate flooring you find on sale.  That is because it is very possible to find discounted laminate flooring that is a good price but being sold by a manufacturer who is not on the "A list" of flooring suppliers.  When you identify good quality flooring that meets your price levels and you can save a lot of money going with a manufacturer who may be less well known, that is a big win for you.


In addition to discount stores, learn to monitor overstock stores and sales that come up on the web sites of the major laminate flooring manufacturers.   As it true in any commodity, laminate floor makers sometimes have to clear out their existing stock because it is not moving and they have new brands and styles to produce, distribute and sell.  By keeping informed on when those kinds of sales suddenly occur, you can grab some outstanding deals.  These are also deals that not many people are aware of so by developing your focused shopping skills, you can grab those "once in a lifetime" sales before somebody else gets them.

Good Old Negotiation

After you have done your shopping and you have hit all the discount and overstock stores, you will no doubt have a notebook with detailed notes of the laminate flooring models and styles you have found on discount and the prices you can get. Before finalizing a deal, go back to that high end laminate flooring retailer and have a frank talk with that sales person you met on step one of this process.  

By disclosing the kinds of prices you found and giving that retailer a chance to win that sale.  Often retailers will do all they can to meet or beat that discounted price.  If they do, you will have secured the flooring you want from a top quality supplier and at the price you want.  That is good negotiation and good shopping.


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