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F.A.Q About Cement or Concrete Flooring
http://classicfloorseal.comIf there was a Bible for flooring, it would start out, "In the beginning, there was concrete."  In a way, all flooring is concrete flooring because it is the base material that was laid down when your house was made.  You install all other kinds of flooring onto your concrete floor including hardwood flooring, laminate or carpet.  But there are a number of good reasons to keep a room simple and use the concrete floor that is already there rather than lay another flooring over it.  If you think about it, you might find some real value to considering concrete as the flooring of choice for specific kinds of rooms in your home.  

What are the Values of a Concrete Floor?

When you leave a floor with no other covering than the concrete that is there, you have a room that can be adapted to many uses.  You can always lay down area rugs or even bring in a floating flooring for a while if you need to use the room for a specific function.  When that function is over, that temporary flooring comes up and your room is ready for anything.

Concrete is a very tough substance by nature so it can stand up to any kind of use you can imagine.  There is no need to pamper a concrete floor.  You can use harsh chemicals to clean it and put almost anything on it without fear of harming the floor.  Any room that has a utility function is a perfect place to stay with concrete as the flooring rather than go with another flooring that costs money and requires maintenance.  Concrete may be the most economical flooring choice because it is the base for your home.  

Where Would I Install a Concrete Floor?

Concrete is the flooring of choice for garages and driveways.  But there are rooms in the house where a concrete floor is the perfect choice.  If you wish to create a work space for art or building projects, concrete is a good choice because the flooring is not an issue when you are doing work that might damage other flooring types.  Just as you can "dress up" concrete with temporary flooring, it can also be stained or adorned in other more permanent ways so the look is attractive while retaining the functionality of a concrete floor.  

Concrete is a great application for a basement safe room, storage facility or fall out shelter as well.   Many times institutions such as hotels and schools leave some rooms with no more on the floor than concrete because it stands up well to lots of traffic such as a high school assembly or dance or for business meetings in hotels.  By not putting down permanent flooring, institutions that serve the public keeps their options open by leaving the flooring simple concrete.

Aren't Concrete Floors Ugly?

Concrete floors are very basic in look and feel.  But there are dozens of ways to stain and otherwise dress up a concrete floor.  You can give a concrete floor an artistic look that is so effective that people will think the flooring is marble or some other exotic material.  Staining concrete is not difficult and can often be done in a weekend yourself.  The variety of styles and colors you can pick from to stain your concrete floor is really amazing.  But pick carefully because you would not stain your concrete for one purpose and then hope to change it every weekend.  That concrete floor will retain that color for a long time which is also a value because the changes you make stay that way.

Is Installation of a Concrete Floor a DIY Project?

It is possible to mix your own cement and lay down a concrete floor yourself.  If you have ever watched concrete being laid at a construction site, there is a sequence to mixing the cement and then pouring, smoothing and finishing out a concrete floor that takes some skill.  For that reason, it might be worth considering having your concrete floor laid by a professional who can do the job quickly.  When that concrete floor is down, you have a base that you can use for dozens of different purposes.  In a way, a room with a concrete floor is many rooms rolled into one.  That is how versatile and adaptable a concrete floor is.


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