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F.A.Q About Using Polished Concrete in Your Home
http://evolveconcrete.comWhen you first saw a polished concrete floor, you were no doubt stunned with how fascinating and beautiful this style of flooring is even in a home setting.  Of course, in industrial and business settings, polished concrete floors have been in use for a long time. But more and more the unique look and stylish appeal of a polished concrete rooms is finding its way into the interior decorating plans of homes as well.  

There are many situations where keeping a concrete flooring in the right choice in some of the rooms of your home.  But even a simple flooring like concrete has to be maintained and we have to learn the best ways to take care of a concrete flooring installation. Similarly, the more you know about how polished concrete floors are taken care of, the better you will be prepared to use this unique approach to floor décor in your own home.

Aren't Concrete Floors Impossible to Damage?

A polished concrete floor is as much a carefully prepared surface as a laminate or hardwood floor.  You should treat it as such.  Even in business or industrial settings, facilities managers take care to minimize the damage of high traffic on their polished concrete floors.  It’s a good idea to use throw rugs and other padding to minimize how much foot traffic can cause scratches or scuffs in that highly shined surface.  In fact, you are not out of line if you ban the wearing of shoes altogether even on your polished concrete floors.  That surface was carefully prepared and you should do all you can to preserve it.

What are the Daily Maintenance Steps Needed to Keep My Polished Concrete Floor Looking Good?

The goal of your cleaning is to keep your polished concrete floor looking great and to preserve that high shine that makes it so beautiful.  Keeping it swept each day will reduce the presence of dust and any dirt from daily use that may accumulate on the floor.  A dust mop or even the kind of micro fiber mobs that professional floor care individuals use are perfect for sweeping your polished concrete floor.  Avoid brittle brooms or any tool that could cause scratches or mars to that highly polished surface.

About once a week, you can use a very mild detergent like Dawn or some other commercial cleanser to mob the polished concrete floor thoroughly.  Dilute the detergent by adding one cup to a gallon of hot water to create a mobbing liquid that will clean the floor well while preserving the high gloss of the finish.  Take care to use a dry rag or mop head to get the detergent up from floor after the cleaning so there is no detergent film left on the floor which will dull the shine.

Can I Use Any Cleanser on Polished Concrete?

You would think that a concrete floor would be tough and able to handle any cleanser you wish to use on it.  But that highly polished finish is what you want to work to preserve.  So avoid any cleansers that might cause that finish to erode.  This includes any product that includes bleach.  Bleach is highly corrosive and it will begin to break down the polished surface of your floor.

Use similar caution with any cleansers that have acidic content in them such as ammonia or vinegar.  Also avoid any cleanser that uses abrasion to clean such as comet or other scrubbers use.  This kind of cleanser will scratch and mar the surface of your polished concert floor.  It also makes sense to only use soft rags or mop heads and avoid any cleaning tools that are abrasive including Brillo pads, SOS cleaners or scrubbers you might use on your dishes.  These tools are too harsh to use on that highly polished floor.

How Do I Handle Spills?

As with any floor you want to protect, take care to get spills up as quickly as possible.  Water spills are not a great concern except that if water is left alone, it could leave a spot on the floor.  For most spills, the polished surface of the floor will cause the spill to bead up so you can clean it up quickly,  But use water and wash the affected area well to assure that no residue from the spilled fluid can corrode the finish of the flooring. By taking good care of your polished concrete floor, it can retain that shine for many years.  And by refinishing it and polishing it every few years, you will restore that beauty to its original beauty so it can continue to grace your home once again.


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