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10 Useful Tips for Cleaning Laminate Wood Floors
http://www.apartmenttherapy.comThere may be no better way to make a great first impression when guests come to your home than a shiny hardwood floor.  And by installing a laminate wood flooring, you create an elegant and enjoyable atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy.  This is one of the many great ways that installing a laminate wood floor makes life in your home more enjoyable and even more fun.

Of course, just putting that floor in is not all that you must do to make it shine and become a showcase for the beauty of your home.  To really keep it looking great, a regular and reliable system of cleaning is necessary.  While cleaning and caring for a laminate floor is not as demanding as care and maintenance for wood flooring, its good to lay out some guidelines and tips to help make the process easier and more effective.  So we have put together ten helpful tips for keeping that wood laminate floor you are so proud of a thing of beauty every day from here on out.

  1. There is no cutting corners or fancy trick of the trade better than a good daily sweeping.  If you keep this ritual faithfully, you won't have as much of a chore each day.  This is also a good ritual to pass along to a willing (or unwilling) child to let him or her have a role to play in keeping the floors looking good.

  2. A vacuum sweeper with a soft bristle extension can do a great job of getting up dust bunnies or tiny bits of grime that can even evade a mop.  It also is easier than sweeping if  you have a good extension.  If not, get one.

  3. A good cleaning mixture can be made from common household cleansers.  You don't have to buy some overpriced customized cleaning product from your flooring installer or from the supplier that is "customized" for your floor.  If it is laminate, a simple formula of common cleansers will do the job well and relaiably every time.  The formula may be no more complex than a half cup of white vinegar for every gallon of warm or hot water.  Its just that easy and simple.

  4. Avoid the use of ammonia or bleach of any kind on your laminate floor.  This could hurt the adhesive that is holding the flooring in place.

  5. Apply the cleansing solution with a soft towel or a sponge mop.

  6. Use a mop or towel that has been wrung out thoroughly so it is not soaking wet.  

  7. Be patient and be thorough.  If you miss a spot, Murphy's law tells it that will be the space where dirt or grime is hiding.  

  8. If you have a stubborn stain, don't bear down on the mop.  Get down and use good old fashioned elbow grease to get it up with a damp rag.  Bearing down with a tool may cause the hard parts of the mop to contact the floor which can create a scratch.  If you get frustrated with the stain, take a break and come back and try cleaning it again.  

  9. Between cleanings, have your family and guests take off their shoes when they come in from outside.  The oriental culture teaches us a good lesson that shoes full of dirt and who knows what from the outdoors should not be walking on carefully cleaned laminate wood floors.

  10. Now enjoy your home.  Don't become such a clean freak about your floor that the kids can't laugh and play on that floor a guest can't drop a potato chip without facing your wrath. When you have done all you can to make those floors shine, let them shine and you enjoy your family and friends.


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