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Which Cleaner Should You Use on Laminate Floors?
http://www.absolutelybananas.comWhen you have a beautiful laminate hardwood floor put in your home, that is an investment worth protecting.  Most of us don't have "people" we keep on staff whose entire job is to take care of your laminate floors.  But even if you don’t have help, it’s a good idea for you to become educated in the fine art of cleaning laminate floors  so you know the  job is being done correctly.  That is because you should not just use some commercial sold floor cleaning product that you got at the grocery store on your laminate floors.  To protect your floors even during the cleaning process, know what the best kinds of cleaners are and then make sure that is what is used to clean your floors.

Store Brand Cleaners

Even if you ordered your laminate flooring from a catalog, compared to a linoleum floor, a laminate floor is a custom installation.  There are a wide variety of types of laminate floors and the materials that go into making them vary as well.   That effort you have made to select and install a beautiful laminate floor is unique.  So too are the cleaning products you can use on that custom flooring.

Commercial floor cleaning products are pretty much made to clean vinyl floors.  The harsh chemicals that go into most of the cleaning products you can get at the grocery store are far to harsh for your beautiful laminate flooring.  If those chemicals got down between the layers that are pressed together inside your laminate flooring product, that could cause serious damage to the laminate itself and to the adhesive that is holding it in place.  When you decided to install a laminate floor, you pretty much said goodbye to commercial floor cleansers.  

Cleaners Sold by Your Flooring Supplier

The void in cleaning products for laminate floors has been filled by specialized products that are usually sold by your flooring supplier.  It is a good idea to become familiar with the various kinds of laminate flooring cleansers that your supplier has for sale.  You will find that the floor cleanser markets for laminate floors are just as specialized as your flooring is.  There will be a particular type of cleanser for your  particular type of laminate flooring.  

What you will also notice is that the prices of these cleansers are as "special" as the cleanser itself.  Like buying from the dealership in the automotive world, cleansers you buy from your flooring supplier are going to come with a high price tag.  One tactic that you might use to find a reasonable price for the cleansers you need is to note the brand names of the cleansers your supplier recommends.  Then go online and see if you can find that brand of floor product for sale by an internet merchant at a discount.  But another way to solve the cleanser problem comes with a good dose of…

Common Sense

After all that effort of researching particular laminate floor cleansers, it turns out that perhaps the best and safest flooring cleaner you can use is one you can make yourself at home with inexpensive ingredients.  The formula for this cleanser is phenomenally simple.  You simply mix a half cup of vinegar with a gallon of water.  Simply clean the floor with a sparing amount of cleanser on your rag or soft mop.  Be careful not to use a mop that could scratch your flooring.  

This home made recipe has been found to be amazingly successful with all types of laminate flooring.  Simply clean the floor making sure you get the floor dried quite well when you get done.  Laminate floors should not be left wet as the water can get into the wood between the slates of the flooring and cause them to warp or rot.  But with these easy instructions you can keep your laminate floor looking great and free of dirt and stains that could harm it.  And because the cleanser is phenomenally cheap and easy to make, you can clean your laminate flooring every day with no danger of harming the floor or your budget either.


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