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A Free Guide to Installation Wood Flooring
http://www.installwoodfloor.orgSometimes when you see a home or business with hardwood floors, as much as you want to get them in your home, the vision of an army of installers costing thousands of dollars to upgrade your home to hardwood floors is pretty intimidating.  So if we can get a basic understanding of what goes into a hardwood floor installation , that will help you feel that it is something that can be accomplished.  In fact, it is something you can do yourself if you have the tools, the time and a little bit of knowledge about how to put in your own hardwood floor.

Out With the Old

Step one for preparing for your new floor is to take out what is already there and get the room ready for installation.  Obviously, all furniture needs to be removed.  You must also remove anything permanently attached to the floor like a wood burning furnace or anything that must go on top of the new flooring when you are done.  

Step two is to remove the flooring that was already in place.  If its carpet, that will have to be taken up and discarded.  Now, if the carpet is in good shape, you can take it up with some care so it can be reused or donated to agencies that could use nice new carpet for a building used for charitable functions.  That can be a write off for you so it might be worth the effort rather than dump that old carpet in the land fill.

When you have the old flooring up, this is a good opportunity to clean and repair the flooring before you cover it with hardwood planks.  If there are cracks or breaks in the concrete, you can patch them.  Also get the floor very clean and dry before you lay the sub flooring to eliminate the influence of dirt or moisture from below.  Dirt and moisture are the sworn enemies of hardwood floors so your diligence while the flooring is up will pay off long term. It will also give you peace of mind.

In with the new

The sub flooring is what gives your hardwood floor stability and strength.  Lay it so there is sufficient support in every corner of the new room.  When the sub flooring is in place, cover it with red rosin paper before laying down the hardwood planks.  If your preparation was thorough, you have a solid base to lay the hardwood planks in place and secure them to the sub flooring.  Work from the part of the room furtherest from the door where you will be bringing in the planks moving outward.  This reduces the need to cross installed floor to get out of the room for a break or to get more flooring materials.  

The hardest job of making sure new hardwood floor is installed well comes after you have laid the flooring in place and secured it.  The floor should be sanded thoroughly before you apply the finish.  This is a difficult and boring job.   It is also unpleasant because it calls for long periods of time on the floor with a sander.  You will need to make you make the room as ventilated as possible and protect yourself with knee pads, face masks to protect from dust and possibly hearing protection of the sanders are noisy.

Finally apply the tint and finish and allow it dry before buffing your new floor to a high shine so it reaches the level of beauty you were expecting.  Have some fans positioned around the edges of the floor to take the fumes away as they can be toxic if you are exposed to them for very long.  Work with your supplier for the right kinds of tint and finishing materials that are perfect for the kind of wood flooring you have installed.  Then when the job is done, you come to the step of installation you should love the most which is to enjoy them and entertain in your newly remodeled home as your guests rave about you beautiful new hardwood floors.


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