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A Free Guide to Installing Laminate Flooring
http://www.instructables.comIts not hard to notice that a lot of people are installing laminate flooring these days.  The reason that trend is on the increase is that laminate floors are a great way to get a terrific looking floor that maintains its attractive looks while being very easy to take care of.  Laminate floors are constructed in such a way as to look identical to authentic hardwood floors.  But the boards that are at the core of laminate flooring are made up of recycled material that is strong and durable but not as expensive as pure hardwood flooring.

Even though laminate flooring is much easier to install than a hardwood floor is, there are still a few things to consider when laying your first laminate floor .  The good news is that there are ample guides you can get on laminate flooring installation from your supplier or on the internet.  

First things first

Before you spend anything on buying laminate or placing your order for the new flooring, its worthwhile to take inventory on whether you can do the installation yourself.  There are some basic tools you will need including a rubber mallet, a laminate flooring pull bar, tape measure, coping saw, utility knife, hammer, nails, laminate flooring and an  padding.  For the most part these are tools you probably have on hand if you already like to get your hands dirty with do it yourself home improvement projects.  Installing your own laminate flooring is a great way to put those tools and your DIY skills to good use.

Getting Ready

Once you know you have the tools and perhaps the flooring has been selected and ordered, preparation of the floor where you will install your floor is the next step.  If there is old carpet or other flooring material that is in place, take the time to remove it and take up any adhesive or other remnants of the previous installation.  If there is already a sub flooring in place from the previous installation, this is a great time to do some repairs so it is ready to receive your laminate floor.

With the base floor prepared, you will lay down the padding that will cushion the laminate flooring.  That padding is important because the final installed laminate floor will be more firm and yet comfortable for your family and guests.  As you lay the padding, make sure there is no debris that will create lumps under the flooring.  Anything under there is going to stay there for many years so this is the time to put in a clean installation for the health of your floor and for your peace of mind as well.

Laying the Laminate

For a smooth installation, begin at one wall and move in an orderly fashion.  Don’t start in the center and work your way out.  Once the flooring is all in place, then you can add the base boards to finish the job.

Cleaning is a vital part of installation as much as it is vital to taking good care of your beautiful floor.  Avoid hard cleansers or abrasives.  Your supplier will have a cleaning guide for the specific kind of laminate flooring you have.  So treat your flooring right and it will keep your home beautiful for many years of happy use.


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