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A Step By Step Guide to Laminate Flooring Installation
http://www.home-decorating-reviews.comIn the last ten years, laminate flooring has become one of the most popular new ways to get a beautiful and durable flooring installation that is easy to install and economical too.  In most cases, if you opt for a laminate hardwood floor, people cannot tell that your floor is not a genuine hardwood installation.  But the costs of laminate flooring are vastly lower and the installation and maintenance compared to genuine hardwood floors is much simpler as well.

Installation of a laminate floor is not a difficult process.  Many people put in their own laminate flooring as a "do it yourself" project.  The way laminate is made lends itself to installation by  home owners and in most cases, the process is actually fun.  And if you and your kids work together to install a beautiful new floor in the living room or in their bedrooms, the pride for what you have achieved makes the floor even more valuable to you.

Check the Sub Flooring

Before you begin your installation , preparation of the floor that the laminate flooring will be laid on top of is important.  Obviously, you should clean the sub flooring thoroughly so you don't trap dirt or moisture under the new floor.  After all, whatever is under that floor when it goes in is staying under there for a long time.  The great thing about a laminate installation is the sub flooring does not have to be perfect.  It can have cracks and you can even install over previous flooring as long as it is smooth and level.  If there are any serious areas of the sub floor that bulge or dip, those things should be corrected before the installation begins.

Obviously part of the preparation of the flooring to lay the new laminate in place includes removal of furniture and anything else that will get in the way of the installation.  You will need a lot of room to move in that room so get everything out of there before you begin to move the laminate planks in for installation.

Examine Your Laminate Flooring
With the room where your flooring will go ready to be installed, before you begin work, examine your laminate planks.  Look at each one to see if you can find any flaws, scratches, splits or warped sections.  Far better to catch this now before installation is underway than later.  This is a step that is best to do as soon as your flooring materials arrive so you can work with your supplier to get replacements before installation day arrives.  If at all possible, you want to do the installation in one continuous project.  Making sure your materials are perfect makes that possible.

The Jigsaw Puzzle

Laminate flooring is designed to snap together using a groove and tongue system that secures the planks together into one strong and secure continues floor.  In many cases, you do not need to glue the boards together or to the floor.  The planks are heavy enough to lay down on the sub floor and work just fine without being secured.  This is called a "floating laminate " installation.  Plan in advance to handle the flooring like you would if you were painting the floor.  Start in the far corner from the door and work your way across the flooring attaching each plank to the other.  It is like putting together a very large and easy to do jigsaw puzzle.  And in ways, it is just as fun as a puzzle because you wills see your floor become a reality step by step.

Give it a Rest

After you have completed the installation, you should allow the flooring to settle for about 3 days.   This allows the planks to mold to each other and for the flooring to "set".  When that is done, you can bring in your furniture and begin to enjoy your beautiful laminate floor.  Not only will you have a floor that is shiny and new, you will have the pride of knowing you installed it yourself.


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