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An Easy to Follow Guide of the Installation of Floor Tiles
http://www.renubath.co.ukOf all of the options for a new floor for your kitchen or bathroom, perhaps one of the most beautiful and elegant are ceramic tiles.  The artful look of ceramic tile allows you so many more options  when it comes to design, colors and artistic effects.  But too often we get the idea that because ceramic tile looks so artistic, it is not something the rest of us can install.  The good new is that if you really want a tile floor, it is entirely possible for you to afford it and to even install it yourself if you follow a few simple tips.

Step one - preparation

During the time when you are shopping for the tiles you like, there are ample opportunities to "pick the brains" of experts in tile installation who work for flooring retailers or who have written on the topic of tile installation.  So combine your shopping with a fact finding mission to collect a good library of installation instructions.  Home Depot and other hardware stores sell books on the topic and the internet is a rich source of instruction on how to do this job yourself.

By combining your "self education" program with your selection of tile flooring, you are building by knowledge concerning what kind of tile to buy and how to stock up on materials and tools.  You will need the right kind of material to separate but bind the floor tiles into one flooring as well as the tools to cut and shape tiles when you are working around the edges of the room.  If you do your homework, you know what you need so the day you lay your first tile, you can keep going installing without interruption until the job is done.

Step two - the floor

Unless you are going to lay a sub floor, the surface where you are going to tile must be flat, smooth and perfectly clean.  You can lay tile over other materials including other tile but you must be certain that any deviations in the surface might affect the new tile floor.  Don’t make any assumptions about this.  Don't tile over a gap in the sub floor or over broken flooring or litter because it will cause cracks in your new floor sooner or later.  By taking care to prepare the flooring under your tile, the installation will go smoothly and the result will beautiful and long lasting as well.

Step three - laying a pattern

Spend some time "mapping" the floor so you know how the tiles will lay into a pattern.  This is even a good step before you buy your tile so you know you are buying enough.  Many tile installers will lay down the grid of tiles with chalk before starting so you have a pattern to follow.  The opinion about whether to start in a corner or elsewhere varies.  Many flooring installers like to start in the middle and tile outward toward the edges.  This approach may give you the most flexibility in that you know you will be cutting tiles to adapt to the edges and corners anyway.

Step four - cutting and molding

Leave a small border un-tiled around the edges of the new floor.  This will be the area where you will cut custom tiles to finish out the job.  Cutting tile is not difficult but it does require some practice.  If some tiles are broken during installation, these are good candidates for "practice" cutting.  Go somewhere else that the installation site and practice making precise sized and shapes in tile that you will use when you are ready to dress out the edges of the floor to finish he tiling job.

Step five - seal and polish

Allow the glue and other materials that make your beautiful tile floor come together to dry in place for a day or two before you finish out the tile floor. Then you can apply a sealant to close off any holes between the tiles.  This is a good idea to keep dirt or moisture from getting under your floor.  Once the seal is in place, then you can wax and finish your beautiful floor.  All that is left from there is to enjoy your new floor and to enjoy the many compliments when you tell people that this work of art on your kitchen or bathroom floor was something you did yourself.


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