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Dupont Laminate Flooring Installation Tips
http://www.homedepot.comDupont has become a leader in supplying do it yourself home improvement enthusiasts with quality laminate flooring that can be installed without employing a contractor or using the installer that your flooring supplier recommends.  Compared to installations of hardwood, parquet or tile flooring, installing Dupont laminate flooring is relatively easy and it is something that is entirely within the abilities of any home improvement buff who has the basic tools and experience to do your average DIY project.

Dupont laminate flooring comes in such a huge variety of styles, colors and patterns that you will have no trouble finding a flooring that will fit your vision of how you want that new room to look.  Along with ease of installation, Dupont laminate brings with it the added value that it is significantly less expensive than pure hardwood flooring but when the installation is finished, the look is so genuine that your guests will never be able to tell that the flooring you put in was a laminate product.

The Secret of the Construction

One reason that Dupont laminate flooring is so easy to install is that you do not have to secure the flooring to a sub floor structure like you do with most hardwood installations.  This eliminates a huge amount of the preparation and fuss of installation.  Dupont laminate floors are called "floating" because they are laid down over the previous flooring without any need for extensive adhesives or nails.  The secret lies in the groove and lock system that secures the planks together firmly so the finished product is just as secure as any hardwood installation.  The lock and groove system also makes the process of putting your floor in place as simple as a large scale jigsaw puzzle.  In fact, many people find they can install a Dupont laminate floor in as little as a day and do the work themselves.

It is wise to get familiar with the rating systems that are used for laminate flooring so you select the right grade for the room you are remodeling.  The "AC" rating system does not rate quality of laminate. Instead it rates flooring by durability under certain kinds of loads.  An AC1 rated flooring is a low rating meaning it is not intended to be installed in a high traffic room.  So this might be a good flooring for a study or bedroom that will be used by a limited number of people.  

AC5 is designed for very high traffic business settings and AC3 is a good choice for a home setting that will get a lot of use like a family room, hallway or kitchen. By knowing the right AC rating for the Dupont laminate flooring you are buying , you get the best fit for the room you want to upgrade with a new laminate flooring.

Insider Tips for a Perfect Installation

Experienced flooring professionals know that when you place your order for your laminate flooring, the need for an accurate measurement of the room is critical.  Don't "ball park" this.  Get a tape measure and get the exact square footage you need so you don’t order too little flooring or too much.  But experts also advise that you order about 10% more than you think you will need so you have some extra flooring for error and to compensate for any measuring mistakes.  Better to order a little too much than a little to little because not having enough flooring is much harder to recover from.

While working with laminate flooring is not difficult, if you have never installed a floor yourself, it will take some getting used to.  When the laminate flooring arrives, it is best to store it indoors in a setting similar to the room where it will be put so the flooring can acclimate to the environment.  It is also a good idea to practice cutting and molding the flooring so when you have your flooring in place, you can handle it well under tighter conditions.  

In fact, if you can help a friend install his floor or take some classes from your local hardware store in flooring installation, that little extra experience and help can go a long way toward making you more efficient when the time comes for you to install your own floor.  Then when you have put in a beautiful laminate floor and done it all yourself, that sense of pride and accomplishment because you did the work without paying a contractor will be well deserved.


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