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How to Find a Good Flooring Installer for Your Project
http://www.creatingyourspace.comWhenever you launch into a big new project, the professionals that are going to make your dream come true are important partners.  That principle certainly is true when it comes to installing new floors in your home.  New hardwood floors can literally transform your home and give it an entirely new and elegant feel.  But installing new floors is a big and expensive project.  So its good to have some guidelines on finding the right installer for the job.

In the commercial building world, the criteria for selecting a great commercial flooring installer  are strict.  That is because people whose livelihood depends on creating great looking interiors must have top notch talent installing those floors.  The installation of a new floor is not a project that you want to have to go back and do again.  It has to be done right the first time.  That means finding a great installer on the first try.

They got to the top for a reason.

There are some kinds of home improvement projects you can do with low cost help or even do it yourself.  Putting up a fence, cutting down a small tree or mowing your lawn are projects that you can cut some corners on and not face difficulties if the low cost (or free) worker messes the job up.

Putting in a new floor in your home is not that kind of project.  It takes skills, tools and experience to do a good job of installing a hardwood floor.   That flooring is expensive and if there is damage during installation, its expensive to repair the damage or get replacement planks.  This is why in the flooring installation business, there are probably a handful of companies in town that have the  reputation for doing a great job every time.  These companies got to the top for a reason and that reason is that they are good at what they do.  You will pay top dollar for the best talent in town.  But when it comes to seeing realizing your dream of perfect hardwood floors, that might be an investment worth making.

Businessmen with a reputation.

You can start with the yellow pages and talk to every flooring contractor in town if you want to.  But there is another way to find a flooring installer you can depend on without going to that much effort.  You can talk to installers who already have a reputation for good work, on time completion of projects and good support of the floors they install.  The easiest way to find businessmen with strong reputations is talk to people you know and trust who have had success with certain flooring installers.  

We all love to share the news when we find a quality craftsman who did a good job for us.  So your friends and neighbors will be thrilled to give you a reference if they had a new floor installed and they were happy with the outcome.  They can also give you names of installers to avoid and the reasons for the failure of those workers. All of those references are very helpful when you are trying to pick the flooring installer who is just right to work in your home.

Face to face matters

Using these simple guidelines, you may narrow down the list of installers you might consider to do the job.  The supplier of your flooring may have a recommendation and that installer is worth a presence on the list.  But nothing can seal the deal better than a face to face conversation with the owner or supervisor who will have direct contact with your project to put in your new floor.

It doesn’t matter is you are not an expert in the terminology of flooring.  In fact, a quality of a good installer is that he will be able to explain flooring concepts to you "in english" and not try to impress you with industry jargon.  You can also tell a lot about the integrity of an installer by talking to him face to face.  You might even go so far as to visit a current job site to see face to face how good a job they are doing putting in someone's hardwood floors.  If they pass the face to face test and he comes with good references and is one of the top flooring installers in town, you are on track to finding the right professional to make sure your new floors look perfect when he finishes the job.


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