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Step By Step Instructions for Installing Wood Flooring
http://www.millennialliving.comWood flooring is one of the most beautiful options you can choose when you are remodeling a room or your home.  But many people shy away from picking genuine hardwood flooring because of the cost and because of the complexity of installation.  The difficulty of installation is actually a misconception because not only is hardwood flooring that that complex to put in, it is possible to install hardwood flooring  yourself    if you are skilled at "do it yourself" projects.  You just have to go through a step by step process to do a great job laying your own floor.

Step1 - Take Out the Old Floor.

In order to lay down a new wood flooring, the surface upon which you will build your sub flooring should be clean and free of debris.  You must have a level surface to start with so that means getting the old flooring material up so you start with a clean surface.  The good thing is that this is something you can work on while you wait for your order of hardwood flooring materials to arrive.  

First get all of the furniture out of the room.  This means your house is going to be a mess for a few weeks but that is part of remodeling.  Also find a nearby room to store the flooring planks when they arrive. Hardwood is a natural flooring substance so it should be kept in the same environment where it will be installed.  Leaving it outside or even in the garage exposes your expensive wood flooring to dirt, moisture and temperature variations that could ruin it.  And when you start working, you need to be able to get to the new planks without too much trouble.

Step 2 - The Sub Floor

Because hardwood flooring must be secured using adhesive or nails, you will lay a sub flooring that will give you a structure to secure the hardwood planks to.  Lay two by fours in a grid filling the room and with sufficient distance that makes sense for securing the hardwood planks.  Lay the grid perpendicular to the way you will lay the planks so you have cross planks to nail your flooring too.  The sub floor will fill the room which is why the concrete under the sub floor must be smooth, clean and flat.

Step 3 - Lay the Hardwood Planks

Begin at the wall furtherest from the door where the new flooring is stored, lay the new flooring plank by plank.  Many hardwood products are made to connect using a groove and tab system which is made secure using adhesive.  You will develop a system to put the adhesive in place, connect the planks and secure them to the sub floor working outward until the entire flooring is in place.  The bulk of this part of the installation is not difficult.  However, you may need to trim and fit the planks to the room or around thing like a fireplace hearth and that will take some extra planning and work.  Plan ahead so you are prepared when the time comes for the installation.

Step 4 - Sand and Finish Your New Floor

Probably the most tedious and time consuming step of installing your new floor is sanding the entire installed surface in preparation for finishing.  But it is necessary to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.  Check with your supplier as to the best method for sanding including the grade of sand paper and whether you can  use an electric sander or not.  You will want to hurry this step along but remember that you are working with the surface that your family and guests will enjoy so you should use caution so as not to gouge or scratch that fine wood surface.

Once the entire floor h as been sanded, be sure to clean it with a vacuum completely so you get all sawdust and debris up before finishing.  Once it is perfectly clean, then you can apply the finish and wax and polish your beautiful wood floor in preparation for the final step which is to…

Step 5 - Enjoy

This is not a hard step to follow.  Your hardwood floors will bring so much pleasure and atmosphere to your home that they will enhance your family times and make entertaining a joy.  The compliments alone will make it worth all of the cost and effort of installing those lovely floors.  And when you can brag that you installed them yourself, your pride of ownership will get even stronger each time you show off your beautiful home.


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