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Things to Consider Before You Resurface Your Existing Floor
http://www.concretesurfaces.netThere are some pretty good reasons to strip off old and worn out floor covering or carpet and resurface a room with a decorative concrete flooring treatment.  When the old linoleum, tile or carpet gets dingy looking or begins to come apart, it is a natural time to think about putting in a new flooring approach.  And if the room is a good fit to a concrete floor, it is a nice project to turn it into a nice looking flooring for a recreation or exercise room or some other activity based area that a flat hard surface will serve well.

Refinishing a concrete floor is a natural do it yourself type of job.  But there are some things to think about when you are getting ready to do the job.  That is because even though the surface is simple and highly durable, there are things to know about working with a concrete or cement floor so you get the best results once you start work.

Out With the Old

Before you begin the resurfacing project, you will have to take up the old tile, carpet or whatever surface covering is already there.  One of the big decisions you will make at some point early in the process is whether you will perform the entire resurfacing of the flooring yourself or whether you will have a professional come into to do the job for you.  But since the removal of the old and worn out flooring is destructive by nature, you can probably do that yourself.

The removal of that old covering may involve pulling up carpet which is glued down to the concrete flooring.  If the old flooring was tile or linoleum, that too may have been put in place with adhesives.  That means that just removing the old flooring can get messy.  You may need to pry or break up the old in pieces.  The tools for this part of the project may include a vice grip pliers to grab old carpet or tile and pull it back or even a hammer to break up  old ceramic tile.  The important thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid at all costs damaging the concrete flooring that you will eventually resurface.  

Once the material from the old installation is up, there may be work to be done to remove the residue of the previous installation.  Old adhesives can be quite stubborn and the process of scrubbing them off of the surface of the concrete can take some muscle and patience.  In some cases, you can use adhesive solvents that will weaken that old glue.  Again, know the effect on the concrete those solvents might have because it causes the concrete to discolor, that could affect how the floor looks if you are going to polish or color it later.

A Serious Evaluation

Once you have the concrete slab at a bare and stripped condition, a detailed examination of what kind of shape it is in will be important.  If you are going to resurface that floor in preparation for tinting or polishing it, that floor will have to be free of flaws.  Inspect the flooring for chips, holes, cracks and irregularities.  If the flooring is not level, that may complicate the resurfacing process.  

Once you know what you have to fix, a serious evaluation as to whether you have the tools, the skills and the time to effect the repairs you need done before resurfacing begins is in order.  If you have experience repairing concrete floors and you have the tools to do the job, then putting together a time frame and budget for doing the job yourself is your next step.

DYI or not?

This is no time to be a hero.  You should evaluate your skills, the tools you have and your knowledge about how to resurface your floor.  If you feel that the task is more than you can take on, then the evaluation shifts to how to find a good concrete resurfacing specialist.  You can use that specialist as much or as little as you need.  You may have him simply do the repairs needed to then go on to the tinting or polishing process.  That may be a process that you can do yourself.  But if you considered the steps needed to take your old and ugly floor from where it is to a finished state of that is attractive and usable, you can decide how much you can do and lay out a plan that works every step of the way.


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