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Tips for Selecting a Commercial Flooring Installer
http://www.adrianvaldezflooring.comWhen you are having your commercial property prepared for use, you want the job done right.  Just as you are a professional, you are looking for a professional who can install the flooring on time, on (or under) budget and without flaws.  Just as it is true in any area of contracting, some installers consistently do good work and others consistently do not.  

While you want to get the best price possible, it isn't worth it to hire an installer who does a terrible job just to save a little money up front.  The money you save in the installation will be overshadowed by the costs and the inconvenience of having to have the job done again later on.  So we need some criteria for finding the top flooring contractors in town and then how to select the one that is right for your job.

Somebody Knows Your Installer.

You can develop a list of flooring installers in your area simply by using the yellow pages or by paying attention to advertisements.  But keep in mind that if an installer uses a lot of advertising to convince you that he is the man for the job, the cost of that advertising has to be made up in what he charges you for the work.  Another modern tool for building a list of possible installers is to use an online search.  So if you Google "flooring installers in Kansas City" (substitute your community in the search), that will bring back dozens of web sites of installers who are no doubt competent to do the job.

It’s a good first step to put together a list of all viable installers in your community.  This is a professional job and you want an installer who is a specialist in flooring installation.  That automatically leaves out your cousin or a friend of a friend who happens to install flooring on the side.  If the installer has to do a good job for your reference and for repeat business, that improves the chances you will find a true flooring professional.

But just compiling that list is not enough.  You want to know who on that list does a great job working for companies like yours and doing your kind of flooring installation.  That is why references are gold in the flooring profession.  If you are leasing space in a large office complex, the owner of the building or complex may have an installer he would recommend or may have installers he recommends based on good experiences he had with that installer in the past.  Somebody out there who has had flooring put in commercially knows what installers to recommend.  So work at gathering those recommendations.  They can guide you to the installers you want to work with.


Keep in mind also that some flooring contractors specialize in certain kinds of flooring materials.  This is especially important if you have purchased an unusual flooring material.  Your supplier may have some references for you. While those references should be checked out, keep in mind that the supplier may be in a business relationship with that contractor.

For a specialized flooring job or really to get a good feel for any  flooring installer, getting references from the installer and then calling them or even visiting the site of a completed job is the kind of background checking that you should include in your plans.  You can start with the references the installer gives you or you can start with associates or friends who have had success with certain suppliers to gather your references.  Either way, the more you know about the skills and professionalism of the installers you are considering, the higher the likelihood that you will find a great flooring installer.

Bid it Out.

You don't have to pick one installer from a list of 20 or 30.  If you narrow down the choices to the top five installers in town, you can then have them compete for the business.  Simply document the job and put together a request for bids that you will send to each installer.  In that request for bids, include the size of the job, any materials requirements you already have and a time frame when you need the bid to be returned.  

When you get bids from each of the chosen installers, you will get a good idea for which suppliers will do the job for the least cost.  Along with the formal bid, conducting an interview with the installer and even visiting sites that the supplier is currently working on will give you a huge amount of information about who you are going into business with.  Armed with that kind of information, you will make a wise choice of which installer to use and you will get a professional job done that meets your expectations.


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