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Useful Tools to Help Calculate Costs for Laminate Flooring
http://shareme.comWhen you are preparing to work on any project, one of the big steps is to perform a fairly precise cost estimate so you can put together a budget for the project.  If you don’t evaluate what the project will cost, you could easily go under budget for the project and find yourself up to your neck in the work when the money runs  out.  This principle applies quite aptly to installing laminate flooring in a home or business.

One reason its a good idea to estimate the costs of installing laminate flooring is that if you learn on the first pass of the cost evaluation that you have more project than money, you can begin a phase of the project to find laminate flooring at a cost that works with your budget. If you get that work done well before you place any orders or engage any workers, you will be on top of your project which means you will be successful in getting a good looking laminate floor installed that you can afford.

Using Flooring Cost Calculators

The good news is that you don't have to be a math wizard or even a flooring expert to be able to get a pretty accurate projection of what your budget must be to get the laminate floor installed that you want.  There are a number of free flooring cost calculators available online that will walk you through the process.  Below are some links to several such calculators for you to take a look at.

·    http://americanflooring.com/price-calculator/
·    http://www.floorone.com/informative/laminate/flooringneeds.asp
·    http://www.highlandhardwoods.com/flooring-calculator.html
·    http://www.csgnetwork.com/floorcovercalc.html
·    http://www.download3k.com/Business-Finance/Project-Management/Download-FloorCOST-Estimator-for-Excel.html

When you set out to use these calculators, they will ask you to provide the specifics about your flooring project.  So you have some data to gather and some decisions to make.

Measure Your Space

You will need to know the square footage of the room where you will be installing new laminate floor as the base variable for any calculator you use.  If the room is symmetrical with nothing to create a variation in the calculation, you can just measure the length and width of the room and multiply those two numbers and you have your square footage.  

But many rooms are more complicated than that.  If you are looking at putting laminate in a bathroom, for example, you may have a sink and toilet that occupy some floor space where you will not put flooring.  Computing the square footage around items that complicate the calculation is more difficult. When in doubt, subdivide the space down and compute square footage for each section and then add them together for the total square footage.  Also when in doubt, round up.  Better to buy a little too much laminate flooring than a little too little.

Flooring Costs

The materials costs will vary by market prices.  This is why using an online calculator that is offered by a flooring supplier works well because you would expect those calculators to be in step with current pricing.  But you will need to make some decisions about what kind of flooring material you want to install in that room.  Different types of flooring have different costs.  But since the calculators are free, you can compute the cost for each flooring type so you give yourself some options depending on what kind of budget you have.

Labor Costs

Similarly labor costs vary by type of work being done and by market as well.  If you are using a calculator on the internet, it is not going to be tuned to the labor costs in your area.  For best results, do not use any function of the online calculator that computes your costs including labor.  Get the materials costs and then do the legwork to learn what labor will cost the old fashioned way, by getting quotes from area workmen.  Then you will have a labor cost you can depend on.  Combine that value with the cost of the materials for the room or rooms you want to remodel and you will come up with a cost estimate you can count on being close to reality. Then you can move forward and plan the rest of the project.


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