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Advice for Selecting the Right Bathroom Floor
http://www.tampakitchenandbath.comIt is easy to downplay the importance of a great looking bathroom when you are in the process of redecorating your home. But the bathroom can have as much to do with the overall feel of the home and in making a great impression on guests as any other room in the house.  For family, everybody spends some time in the bathroom each day.  For it to have a happy, clean and restful feel can make that room a more pleasant place to go, even if just to brush your teeth.  For guests, that visit to the bathroom gives them a peek at your decorating plan in an out of the way room.  That small room can influence the impression your guests have of your home as much as the living room or the kitchen.

Adding to the Value of the Home

When you are preparing a home for sale, we all know about curb appeal.  So we put some money into making the home look great from the street.  But professionals who sell houses for a living and real estate experts know that along with many other improvements you can do, a remodeling of your bathroom can go a long way to make the home look up to date, stylish and classy.  So if you invest a few hundred dollars in the bathroom, it can come back in a much higher house value when you finally put it on the market for sale.

If you take a look at the bathroom, you may start your remodeling list with a new sink, toilet or shower.  These are the areas of a home that show the age of the house most quickly.  It is relatively affordable to upgrade those items in the bathroom.  But don't stop your remodeling plan without including a resurfacing of the floor.  The floor catches the prospective buyer's eye as soon as he or she walks into the bathroom.  Even if the buyer or visitor doesn’t know why that bathroom is giving such a great impression, you know that you took some time to tie your new facilities with a color coordinated look in the walls and the floor so the bathroom is more than just a "necessaries room", it is something worth showing off.

Many Bathroom Options

For such a small space in the home, the options for what you can do with the flooring are huge.  If you coordinate the fixtures, the wall tile or paper and the flooring in style, theme and color, that can have a powerful effect in such a small space.  The options you have for flooring material are just as wide open as any other room in the house.  You can lay down laminate, hardwood, cork or ceramic tile.  Each style can make a wonderful contribution to make to the décor of the bathroom.

It is a good idea to think about each type of flooring both from a style and decorating point of view but from a practical point of view.  It is obvious that the bathroom is a utility room so you have to make sure that in addition to it looking great, it can accommodate what goes on in there.  Ceramic tile is a natural look for a bathroom.  But tile can be slick which could be a hazard if water gets on the floor during bath time or shower.  So if you go with ceramic tile, look into a texture that will provide some footing for bare feet.

Similarly, wood and cork floors have good traction but may not be the best choice in a room where water gets on the floor regularly.  If you want the look of wood in the bathroom because it fits the decor, hardwood laminate is a good choice because it is able to handle the moisture but it has a look of wood that is almost as authentic as the real thing.  The bathroom is one of the many recommended rooms where laminate does very well  throughout the house.

By putting some decorating talent into even the little things in the bathroom like the flooring color, style and materials, that attention to detail can pay back in many ways.  It can make the house easier to sell.  Or it might just make the house more delightful to visit and even more fun to live in.  All of those are great results that could come form a little creative work in the bathroom.


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