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F.A.Q About Ceramic Floor Tiles
Ceramic Tile FlooringAll of us have seen ceramic tile floors and admired their beauty.  Of course, many of these kinds of public installations of ceramic tiles in floors or on walls of public buildings are genuine works of art.  But it isn’t that uncommon to find gorgeous tile installations in homes or offices as well.  But as you prepare to lay down a new floor in your home as part of a remodeling effort, have you considered ways to explore your own ceramic tile options

The truth is that many of the things about ceramic tile that may have kept you from considering it for your new flooring may be due for a review.  And after looking into ceramic tile a little closer, many of those questions can be addressed well enough to give you good reason to believe that you too can install or have installed a lovely ceramic tile entry way, kitchen or bathroom.

Won't I Have to Pay a Lot to Get a Ceramic Tile Floor Installed?

As is true of every product, if you want to, you can spend a lot of money.  But another principle we all know from being smart shoppers is that you can get high quality product that is just as good as the name brands by knowing where to find them.  This is certainly true of tile.  When you go into a home or office where ceramic tile has been used, it looks like a very elegant and expensive work has been done.  But good quality tile in lots of great styles, patterns and colors can be found at prices we all can afford.

The flooring industry is a competitive business so don't let a dealer or your interior decorator snow you that you have to buy the "designer tiles" or snooty people will know. They won't know.  In fact, now that the internet has turned up the heat of competition, you can find even better deals for excellent quality ceramic tile by shopping online.  Just keep an eye on those shipping costs.  They can get out of control when shipping something heavy like ceramic tile.

Do I Have to be an Artist to Put in a Ceramic Tile Floor?

You don't have to reproduce the Mona Lisa in your entry hall.  There is such a huge variety of beautiful ceramic tiles that can bring to the floor you want to redecorate all the color and style you can imagine.  You can lay down a tile floor that is a simple pattern of repeated color tiles or patterns and the effect can be breathtaking.  The symmetry of the tiles, the smooth shine of ceramic and the artistic look that the makers of the tiles already put into their product mean you can create a great looking floor with no more artistic talent than the ability to lay square tiles next to each other.  At the same time, If you do have a flare for artistic expression, you can do as much or as little as you want with ceramic tiles.

Aren't Tiles Too Slick for the Kitchen or Bathroom?

The most common smooth tiles are not the only choices you have.  You can find tiles in a lot of different textures and composition.  That means you can find the perfect tile for a bathroom that still looks terrific but with a sandy or textured surface that provides traction along with stylish beauty.

Doesn't it Take Forever to Lay Down Hundreds of Tiny Tiles?

If you go with the inch squared tiles, the project can take a while. But many find laying ceramic tile to be a relaxing and even "fun" creative outlet.  Even though tile floors look like they required the seasoned flooring skills of an expensive contractor to create, truthfully, just about anyone install a  ceramic floor if you take a little time to learn the technique and take your time to create a great looking floor.  You can also cut down on the time investment significantly by selecting larger tiles.  If you use tiles that are six inches or 12 inches square, you can complete a floor in an afternoon and the result will meet your highest expectations for a great looking new floor.

Its a good idea to lay aside assumptions and "myths" about laying ceramic tile.  A tile floor will hold its own as just as impressive, beautiful, stylish and durable and long lasting as any flooring alterative on the market.  By being a shrewd shopper, you can pull off a ceramic tile floor on a budget and installation is astoundingly easy.  It’s a flooring option that definitely deserves consideration as you plan that dream room of your future.


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