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Advice for Selecting the Right Parquet Wood Floor Design
http://www.swastika-info.comBasically, parquet flooring is made up of small pieces of wood joined together to form different kinds of geometric patterns. These small pieces of wood are laid out on top of a soft wood to maintain an even surface. After the process of joining these pieces of wood, the final output will create a unique design on the flooring which adds up some artistic beauty to the floor.

With the unique design created with these wood parquet floorings, many homeowners are beginning to like investing in them.  But with so many wonderful and creative options, it takes some thinking about how to select a great looking parquet floor   that is just right for your home.

The Artistic Appeal of Parquet Should Fit Your Artistic Tastes

Wood parquet flooring is considered an art with the objective of creating another type of geometric figure for design. The process of combining the pieces together can be done manually or through the use of a machine intended for such purpose. The process is similar to the installation of tile flooring. It only differs in the materials used since parquet flooring uses soft wood.

Installation Quality Matters

Installation is simple if you know the proper procedures. But if you think you can't do it, it is advisable to hire skilled worker who can install it for you, so you will not waste money and time.

Once the wood parquet flooring is installed properly, inspect it thoroughly and ensure that there are no gaps in any of the surface. Gaps can cause warping in the future. It is also important that you must learn how to take care of your investment to prevent it from any damage.

Just like in any wood flooring, avoid any liquid in the surface of the parquet. If there are any spills, wipe the liquid immediately with a slightly damp cloth or mop. Avoid dragging any objects or furniture on the floor because it will leave serious scratches and might even peel off the finish.

Get the Scoop on Keeping Your Parquet Floor Clean

Cleaning this type of flooring is quite easy with proper floor polisher and cotton cloth. Make sure to use cleaning solutions exclusively made for wood floorings. Using any cleaning solution not intended for wood flooring might cause stains and damage, due to chemical reactions. Regularly remove dirt and dust to maintain the smooth surface of the parquet as well as make it always look new.

When using a vacuum cleaner, be careful not to over do it, because it will wear out the finish.

The Manufacturer and Supplier Should be Able to Help You With Repairs

Should there be any noticeable scratches on your parquet floors you can use touch up sticks usually made of wax to match the color of the scratched areas. Use a putty knife to remove any excess then buff the treated area.

You can also use markers that contain wood stain which you can purchase in your local hardware. These markers can be used to cure scratches in any area of your wood parquet flooring.

If there is severe damage with your parquet flooring, you can treat the area on your own. Use a masking tape surrounding the damaged area, and then use a fine sand paper and sand off the damaged portion. After sanding, re-stain the area and apply a new finish. Buff the affected portion until you are satisfied with the result.


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