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Everything You Need to Know about Hardwood Bathroom Flooring
http://www.cypressdesignco.comHardwood floors transform any room in your home.  They make your living room a warm and elegant place to entertain.  They make your kitchen relaxed and classy.  They can even make your bedroom seem like the honeymoon suite at the finest hotel in town.  So if you want to even extend that transforming quality of hardwood floors to your bathrooms, nobody would blame you.  Its natural to want the beauty of hardwood even in the bathrooms of your home.

To achieve the same look of beautiful hardwood that you love in other rooms in the bathrooms of your home will take some planning.  The bathroom is a very unique place among the various rooms in your home.  And any plans to change something as crucial as the flooring of the bathrooms has to be done in light of what goes on in that room.   That concept is even more important when it comes to considering putting hardwood floors in your bathrooms.  

Different Kinds of Bathrooms
The obvious consideration that will affect how you go about putting hardwood floors in your bathrooms are the things you must be mindful of to take care of hardwood floors.  When you put hardwood in a public room anywhere in the house, spills and dirt are a big concern.  Hardwood by nature is highly susceptible to moisture and dirt.  If care is not taken to clean hardwood floors daily, dirt can cause scratches and gouges in the flooring.  Just as important to think about is how any  water or other fluid that is spilled onto hardwood floors could soak down and cause that real wood to warp.  These dangers to hardwood flooring could ruin a beautiful floor.

The bathroom seems like a room that is a terrible place to have such a sensitive flooring installed.  The very presence of a sink, toilet and shower or bathtub would imply that water is going to get on those floors which could damage that beautiful floor.  But before we decide that such a thing it is not possible to have a beautiful floor in your bathroom, we have to think through what kinds of  bathrooms you are considering remodeling.

The Perfect Hardwood Bathroom

The bathroom where the children take baths and do their toiletries would be a setting that may not be the best choice for a hardwood floor.  But many homes maintain a guest bathroom that is reserved strictly for guests to freshen up when you are entertaining.  These bathrooms are a perfect choice for a hardwood flooring installation.   

If you have a bathroom that is reserved for guests in this way, that is a perfect place to lay down hardwood floors.  The chances there will be a lot of water spillage in that kind of bathroom is small. This may be the kind of bathroom where you may not even have a shower or bathtub so you have a lot of control over what goes on in that kind of bathroom.  You can put a hardwood floor in there with some confidence that it will not be exposed to extreme danger due to water damage.

Other Options

For bathrooms where you still want the look of hardwood without the problem of maintaining a protecting setting, there are options.  There are synthetic hardwood floors that provide the look of hardwood without actually putting real wood in those bathrooms.  In many cases, these kinds of simulated hardwood floors can be quite beautiful.  But since you really are not laying real wood underfoot in those bathrooms, any spills can be cleaned up without a concern.

It really is a matter of thinking through how each bathroom will be used.  By making smart choices, you can have genuine hardwood floors in the rooms that will be seen by guests and enjoy that look in those rooms and not expose those floors to dirt and moisture that could result in damage and repairs that are unnecessary.


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