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F.A.Q. About Hardwood Floor Installation
http://stlawrencecollections.comWhen you decide to make that big step and get hardwood floors installed in your home, it is at the same time an exciting and intimidating process.  After all, the investment in new hardwood floors is a significant step in your life and in the improvement of your home.  But as it true of any big investment, the process of selecting and then installing that hardwood floor takes some time to understand.  Even after the installation is done, you will also seek out instruction and wisdom about how to take good care of your wood floors .    

Each phase of the process from finding the right hardwood for your home, to getting the best price you can get to deciding between engineered hardwood, hardwood laminate or genuine hardwood to buying the flooring to installation is important.  So its natural to have some questions about how to go about getting that wood floor installed so that it is an installation you can count on?

Is This a Project I have to get a Contractor for?

When you buy your flooring, the supplier will line you up with contractors or they will have people who work with them that can do the installation for you.  If you have had success with other fairly large scale DIY projects, there is no reason you cannot succeed at installing your own hardwood floor.  But you should get a good feel for the process so you know what you are getting into. If possible, help a friend install his hardwood floor.  That is an excellent apprenticeship to learn the tricks of hardwood floor installation before taking on your own project.

What Things Should I Look Out for When Preparing for the Installation?

Between the time when you order your flooring and when the installation materials arrive, be sure the existing floor is clear of previous flooring.  If you have carpet, linoleum or tile down, it might be a project in itself to get that material removed.  If the previous flooring was laid down using adhesive, do what you can to get the reside of that adhesive cleaned so when you install your hardwood floor in place, you are covering up a well prepared floor.  Also make sure that the existing concrete flooring is level and in good repair before you cover it up with a hardwood floor.

What tools should I assemble for a DIY installation?

Depending on the method  you use to secure the flooring to the sub floor, you may need hammers, a carpenter's square, a pry bar, a fan, a circular saw, a tape measure, a wedge, A bar to pry up the old flooring, a vacuum cleaner,  and a utility knife.  You should keep a fan on hand that can be set up to blow into the room to help when you lay the adhesive and when you finish the flooring so it can dry thoroughly, evenly and quickly.  

 When you get the flooring, you will be cutting ends off and preparing custom sizes to fit different parts of the room.  The circular saw will help with this process but you should also keep smaller saws on hand for adjustments to be made in place as well as sandpaper and files.  Remember that there will be dust and fumes so plan to have coverings for your mouth and for the people who are working with you as well.

What Are the Primary Means of Securing the Floor in Place?

There are three ways that hardwood flooring is laid.  It is either secured to a base of plywood using nails or it is glued down.  The third way actually does not secure it at all.  This is called a floating hardwood installation that sets the flooring in place without any means of holding it in place.  This is an easier installation but you must order your flooring to be prepared for a floating installation.  It is not the kind of installation you do at the last minute.

Which is the Better Choice - DIY or Hiring an Installation Contractor?

You know the sense of gratification you get from doing a DIY installation.  It is always a great feeling to know you can perform a pretty involved installation like putting in a hardwood floor yourself.  And it is a cost savings not to hire a contractor.  But be honest with yourself and if you do not feel you can do the job, it is better to pay the extra to have the job done well than to have problems and possibly install your hardwood floor incorrectly which will only lead to a lifetime of problems after the job is done.  There is no better choice because only you know your skills.  To think it all through thoroughly and in the end you will be as happy with that installation as you will be with your beautiful new hardwood flooring.


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