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F.A.Q. About Installing a Hardwood Floor
http://www.jakeludington.comInstalling hardwood floors is a tremendous way to increase the beauty and value of your home.  Most people enjoy hardwood floors when we see them installed in homes of friends or at restaurants or bars where we socialize.  But it is easy to think it is too hard or two expensive to get your own hardwood floors installed.  That is a myth worth debunking because you can get hardwood floors installed if you just take some time to understand the process and answer some of the big questions about the process.

Can I install my hardwood floor myself?

The short answer is yes.  Lots of people install their own hardwood floors and the outcome is just as good as any professional installation.  But the installation process is one that is best done by someone who is experienced and skilled on working with home improvement projects.  The steps include pulling up the old flooring, laying a  sub floor, installing the hardwood planks and doing so in such a way as to avoid damage to the flooring.  There are steps to be taken to assure that you prevent any damage that can come from dirt or moisture from below the flooring and maintenance steps to take as well.  So do your research so you know what is involved before you decide whether to take on the project yourself or bring in a contractor to install your floors.

What is a sub floor?

When you lay the hardwood planks in place, they will be secured to each other using a grove and lock system and sometimes with glue.  But you will also secure the flooring to a structure under the floor with nails to assure that the flooring is secure and firm.  Generally this calls for laying a structure of plywood sub flooring that will provide the base to which your hardwood floors are attached.  

What tools are needed to install my hardwood flooring myself?

In most cases, the tools you keep on hand for all of your home handyman projects are the tools you will need to lay a hardwood floor.  The basic tools to keep on hand for the installation include a vacuum cleaner or a broom, tape measure, a staple gun, a hammer, tape measure, a handsaw, tape, wood filler, an electric sander, sand paper, fans, electric miter saw, a soft mallet to tap the planks together, safety glasses and cleansers needed for daily clean up.  Along with glasses, be sure you have pads for your knees and ear protection if you are going to be using noisy saws in a enclosed space.  

What can I do to protect my hardware floor from moisture?

It’s a good idea to condition the sub flooring to block any moisture that may come up from the soil under the house or from any other source.  Moisture can ruin your wood floors so buy some 15 pound asphalt felt to lay over the sub flooring before laying the hardwood floor in place.  The felt should be secured in numerous places to the sub floor with a staple gun.

What maintenance issues should I be worried about after my flooring is installed?

Hardwood floors represent a significant investment in your home.  They also return a lot of value both in lifestyle and in home values. So you should take god care of them by learning proper care and maintenance techniques for your hardwood floor.  Part of good maintenance means keeping people from spilling or soiling the floor.  But you should also have a well developed cleaning and repair program ready to go in case there is a problem with the floor.  By paying attention to details during installation and staying on top of maintenance and cleaning when the floor is finished, you and your family will enjoy your hardwood floors for many years.


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