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How to Get the Best Deal on Wood Flooring
http://www.inhabitat.comInstalling a new hardwood floor is an exciting change to your home.  But it can be an intimidating process as well.  One of the biggest fears most of us have when we launch into a major home renovation such as putting down a new wood floor is the "money pit" syndrome in which the costs of the project get completely out of control.  So its up to you to be the boss of the project and to be smart about how to get the most for your money in materials and labor.  If you can do that, you will have a beautiful hardwood floor and still have money in the bank.  That’s a nice feeling.

Do Your Homework

The diversity of products, levels of quality and types of woods you have to chose from in the wood flooring world is quite extensive. You would not buy a car without doing some homework on what the best car is for you and your family, what its gas mileage is and which brands and models last the longest.  In terms of impact on your family, that new wood floor you are putting in your living room, your game room or anywhere in the house is going to have just as much impact on your family life as a new car.  And like a car, it is the kind of purchase project you don't want to have to do very often.

So it pays to do some research up front to know the specifics of what kind of wood flooring is best for the project you have in mind.  The various factors to take into consideration are…

  1. What kind of wood to select for your new floor.  The difference in price between oak, ash, bamboo or other woods can be significant.  There is no "perfect wood" for your wood floor.  It is not a given that the most expensive wood is the one that will look best or will perform well after years of use.  Get to know your woods and be ready to diversify the options you will accept.  That one step can get you a great deal on your new wood flooring.
  2. Learn the kinds of flooring options.  You can save a lot of money if you go with a wood laminate or engineered wood floor.  These options are almost indistinguishable from a 100% solid wood flooring installation.  They are viable alternatives that can give your budget a big break.
  3. A floating wood floor saves a bundle on installation.  Because floating wood flooring does have to be glued or nailed down, you can install it yourself in an afternoon.  The savings in labor for skilled flooring installers can be significant.
The phrase "knowledge is power" is on target when it comes to getting the best deal in hardwood flooring.  The more you know, the more knowledgeable you will be when you meet with suppliers and installers.  There are abundant resources to help you learn about wood flooring online.  By being a smart consumer, you will get the most out of the market and out of the people who come in to help you with this big project.

Economical isn't Necessary Cheap

Because wood flooring in a home gives off a feeling of elegance and luxury, it is easy to think that by saving money on an alternative flooring type or by doing some of the work yourself, you are "cheaping out".  That is a false impression because the end result of your project can have just as much class and style using engineered floating wood flooring that you install yourself and that saves you a big percentage of your materials cost.  

These alternatives have been shown time and time again to result in beautiful and long lasting results that will perform for you and your family just as well as the most expensive wood flooring installation possible.  There is no nobility in throwing your money away on a type of wood or on a more complicated installation than is necessary just because there is an image of quality that comes with those aspects of flooring.  Even a good supplier will tell you that there are many ways to success in the wood flooring game.  By being smart and well informed, you can find one of those ways to success that fits your budget nicely.


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