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Installation Tips and Advice for Plank Flooring
http://www.hardwoodsurface.comHardwood flooring is one of the most unique looks that you can achieve as part of your interior decorating.  And wide plank flooring takes that uniqueness to a new level.  Wide plank flooring creates that look of an aged floor perhaps from another time in history that is perfect for a den or a family room where you want lots of atmosphere.  Unlike even regular hardwood flooring, every wide plank flooring installation is unique. It is an approach to flooring that is as close to how flooring was made before we bought our floors mass produced.  As such there are some installation issues to be aware of.

The uniqueness is in the planks

Unlike mass produced hardwood flooring, when you buy enough wide plank flooring for your project, each board will come with its own personality.   The good news is that it takes the same effort to lay a twelve inch wide board as it does a six inch wide board.  The name "wide plank flooring" is apt because you will buy and lay fewer board for the same amount of space as you would if you were laying traditional hardwood planks.  Not only does this mean you have less work to do to finish out your new floor, because there are fewer gaps, there are fewer opportunities for leakage of squeaking when the flooring consists of a serious of wide plank boards.

Sometimes it is surprising to a home owner when you get your shipment of wide plank flooring and each board is unique and even flawed in certain ways.  This should not be viewed as a negative.  Part of the beatify of wide plank flooring is you have the natural creativity of nature expressed in the wood.  Instead of seeking a bland "sameness", you get a floor full of personality.  Cerebrate the uniqueness of each board and inspect them carefully. You are the one who decides how the boards will lay on your new floor.  So use the flaws as accents to create a look to your wide plank flooring that is unique to your home.

Skip a step

One of the most tedious steps of any hardwood floor installation happens after the floor is in place.  You usually have to sand every inch of your new hardwood floor to bring out the natural beauty before you finish it. This step can be bypassed entirely when you are putting down a wide plank hardwood floor.  In fact, manufacturers of wide plank flooring recommend that you do not sand your new floor after installation.  The boards of your new flooring come with a natural beatify that does not need additional sanding to look great.  In that sanding is the most difficult part of installation of a hard wood floor, that is a big advantage that will save you time or money if you are using a professional flooring installer.

Get help if you need it

You should never be afraid to turn to the experts when you are preparing to lay a wide plank floor in your home.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend big money to have the floor installed.  Your manufacturer should be a rich resource to you for answering any questions about how to install your new flooring.  But even if you have to make an investment in a professional installer, you will find that it is a worthwhile investment.  Your new floor will be a source of pride and pleasure for your family for many years to come.  If you put some time and effort into making sure the installation is done right, that is an investment that will pay you back every day for as long as you live in the home.


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