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Tips for Selecting Great Looking Parquet Laminate Flooring
http://www.boxler.deParquet hardwood floors are unique and beautiful in ways that really cannot be duplicated with any other flooring style.  The mixture of the many small strips of various kinds of hardwood make up a tapestry of color that is pleasing to the eye.  A parquet laminate floor gives you all of the great feel of a hardwood floor but at a price that is a lot easier to handle.  You don't lose any of the quality of a real parquet hardwood floor by taking the laminate option.  Laminate floors are just as durable and they are so well made that unless you tell people, nobody will ever know it’s a laminate and not a real pure parquet hardwood floor.

Your Artistic Vision

Maybe the most important criteria for what great looking laminate floor you should invest in lies in what is the perfect fit for the interior design for your room.  There are variations in shade and types of wood of parquet laminate flooring that gives you lots of variety and choices.  A great way to try to sort out what style and colors to narrow your choice of which parquet flooring you want is to bring home sample squares from the supplier so you can see the flooring in your room and with your furniture.

You will often see samples of parquet flooring that you think are hideous.  But we have to remember that it’s a big world and there are no doubt people who think the flooring you finally end up with looks awful.  But you have a vision for what you want in your newly redecorated room.  There is a perfect parquet flooring out there to fit that vision.  Just be persistent in your shopping and don't lower your standards until you find the flooring that will create the perfect look you want.

Quality Matters

As is true of any kind of product you are going to buy, you will find makes and models of parquet laminate flooring that is high quality and poorly made flooring as well.  It isn’t a reliable standard to just go by how fancy the flooring store is, how snooty the salesperson or even the price.  To really know how to evaluate the quality of flooring , you  will have to inspect a sample of the actual flooring you will be buying.  Laminate flooring is made up of layers of wood material with the quality parquet top layer consisting of the hardwood strips.  

Look at the samples and ask questions about the manufacturing process and the standards that went into making the flooring.  If possible, take a friend or associate who knows flooring well to help you size up the flooring you might buy.  By investing in high quality laminate flooring, your parquet floor will look great and keep that great look for many years to come.

Installation and Support

There is a hidden variable that has a big part to play in the quality of the parquet laminate flooring you buy and that is the quality of who sells it to you and the quality of who installs it for you.  While you still need to do your homework to verify that the product you are buying is top quality, your relationship with your supplier will play a big role in things go when you buy your laminate flooring from them.  

Get some references and do some background checking to make sure you are doing business with a flooring supplier that has many happy customers.  An honest supplier will make sure you get the style and type of parquet laminate flooring that you want and if there is any issue with quality, they will stand behind their work.

Similarly, you need top notch talent installing that flooring.  Even the best quality product may look shoddy if the installation is poorly done.  Many of the problems people have with hardwood flooring cracking or not doing well over time are the result of mistakes made in the installation process.  Make sure you are working with someone who has a history of installing your kind of flooring and doing providing high quality work during the installation and impeccable support after the job is done.  With those kinds of sales people and workers and a top quality parquet flooring that fits your decorating plan perfectly, you know you will soon have a beautiful floor that will please your friends and family for many years to come.


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