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Using Inlays, Insets and Medallions in your Hardwood Floor Designs
http://www.hardwoodinstaller.comThe great thing about laying a beautiful hardwood or ceramic tile floor is you are turning your boring old floor into a thing of beauty.  One of the hardest steps of designing your new interior decorating plan is selecting the style of flooring to use to accent the motif, colors and atmosphere you want in the room.  Because flooring is such a dominant part of the décor, if you lay down the right flooring choice, that can set the tone for the room dramatically.

When you are making plans to put in that "dream" floor, whether it is hardwood, ceramic tile or some other material, this is the time to let yourself dream big.  After all, you don’t put in a new floor every day or every year for that matter.  So it is entirely appropriate to allow your creative vision go to create a design for your floor that is in every way unique.

One way to really make your floor stand out as unique from all others is with inlays, insets and medallions.  These colorful accents draw the eye and the comments of admiration beautifully.  Many times you see large medallions used in public buildings or insets or inlays used to add elegance and glamour to a creative design in the floor of even hallway or a bathroom.  What kind of inlay, insert or medallion you might select depends to some extent on the kind of room where the decorative floor will be.  

Making a statement in your entryway.

The entry hall of your house is a place where you will want to make a striking statement that is even more bold than what you might do in the dining room or kitchen.  A medallion of the state seal, of your family crest or some other emblem that says something about you and your family is a great accent to the floor of your entry hall.  You can find a large number of medallions that have already been produced that you can work in with the colors and the interior design plan of the entry hall.  But if you have a specific emblem that you want to place in the front hall, don't hold back on having a unique medallion designed just for your home.

Defining the space using a center design

Inlays and inserts do a wonderful job of creating pattern and movement in a large room.  You can find the right kind of pattern that will stand out in the wood or tile you have there as a backdrop.  But by creating a central design using the inlay or inset, you create a space within a space. This gives the room new dimension and movement because of the artistic use of color and stylish pieces that supplement an already beautiful floor.

Beautiful corner or edge accents to the room.

In addition to these other uses of accent pieces, you can use insets and inlays to create a picture frame around the room by crating  a pattern that flows all around the edges and corners of the room.  The edges of the room are often overlooked as boring or unimportant.  By using these delightful accents, that problem is solved.  Like a great picture frame around a work of art, your inlays or insets make a statement and turn your floor into a work of art as well.

If you have a flair for the creative or even if you just want something new and very unique in your new flooring plan, adding these kinds of accents is a great way to dress up your flooring plan.  Insets, inlays and medallions can even be worked into flooring plans for play rooms, bedrooms or rooms where you may use an unusual material such as a cork or parquet floor.  If you need help, don’t hesitate to have your interior decorator help you envision a colorful and artistic flooring plan integrating inlays, insets and medallions into an already beautiful new flooring installation.


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