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What is a Parquet Floor?
: http://img2.timeinc.net/toh/i/a/interiors.jpgWhen you are looking for the perfect flooring for your next remodeling project, its always exciting to discover a flooring style that is unique and interesting.  With so many exciting flooring options including hardwood, cork and even tile, you can find a style to fit with the interior decorating décor you have in mind.  One style that will always return positive comments from guests to your home is a parquet floor.

You have no doubt seen a parquet floor and not known the formal name for this beautiful flooring design. Of the many types of hardwood flooring, parquet can utilize the beauty of many different wood grains and incorporate them into one stunning flooring look.  A parquet floor is made up of dozens of small wood squares that are woven into one flooring look.  The squares can consist of samples from every type of wood including oak, cherry, ash, oak, bamboo or any other wood that you can imagine.  You might think of a parquet floor as a wood flooring quilt that gives you the beauty of all of the styles of wood all merged into one creative flooring concept.

Beautiful and Functional

Besides the attractive and unique look of a parquet floor, people who have installed this flooring style have found parquet easy to take care of and durable as well. That means that parquet will be a style of flooring that will continue to be great looking for years with only basic care and cleaning.  You get the pleasure of a wood floor with a parquet design because you can find a parquet style that mixes woods from several types of source material.  The result is a floor that creates that natural relaxed and social environment that wood floors are known for.

The look of parquet gives the impression that it is difficult to install.  But you can find full prefabricated parquet flooring sold "turn key" so you install the flooring in panels or strips the same you would any other type of flooring.  Parquet flooring has also been replicated in a laminate form which is just as great looking as pure parquet flooring but the expense is vastly lower.  Laminate flooring is also very easy to take care of while providing a look of wood flooring that is virtually impossible to distinguish from a solid wood installation.

Modern Parquet

Parquet flooring has a reputation of being fragile.  Because the flooring consists of hundreds of small strips of wood combined into one flooring solution, early versions of parquet split and separated easily and were highly susceptible to shifts in humidity and temperature in the environment.  But flooring manufacturers have innovated new ways of developing parquet flooring.  By utilizing plywood at the base, modern parquet flooring is just as durable and maintenance free as just about type of flooring you might choose.

Going Green

We live in a time when we all seek to get "back to nature".  Parquet is more environmentally conscious because you are installing pure wood as part of your flooring.  This is preferable to go with a synthetic flooring like carpet or vinyl flooring which is unnatural.  The feel of wood in your environment touches a side of us that enjoys being close to natural wood.  

The elimination of chemical based products in our home environments is a health priority for many families.  Parquet flooring fits that priority perfectly while any room where it is installed a lovely and elegant look that is inviting to friends and family alike.  These are all compelling reasons to consider a parquet floor for your next interior redecorating project.


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