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Bamboo Designs for Laminate Floors
http://www.ambientbp.comThe images we often get when we see bamboo used as  part of interior decorating is of exotic locations in Greece, North Africa or the Middle East.  It is easy to see a scene from Casablanca or the Indiana Jones movies where bamboo dominates the walls, floors and ceiling of the taverns and restaurants that we enjoy in those films.  But bamboo has made some serious progress to becoming a popular part of many aspects of interior decorating in the last few years.  And one part of interior decorating that has made good use of the wonderful look and feel of bamboo can be had using laminate flooring.

The great thing about using bamboo laminate for your flooring is that bamboo is an outstanding building material because it grows slowly which means it is strong and durable enough to stand up as a flooring material for many years and keep looking great every day.  Bamboo is also a natural product so you are being "earth friendly" by using bamboo for your flooring.  Since the "green" movement is so important these days, that is a nice way to think globally and act locally even in what kind of flooring to use.

Bamboo creates a relaxed and warm environment.  There is something about being surrounded by the feel of wood that creates a natural and cozy feel to the room.  So you would consider bamboo for certain kinds of rooms that are created for casual relaxation and conversation. Perfect settings to select a bamboo laminate floor would be a living room, a den, a bar, a study or a bedroom.  Many restaurants, lounges and even offices use bamboo floor as well as bamboo accents in other areas of interior design to give the room an exotic and yet intimate feel.  So if that is what you are going for i where you need to find the perfect flooring, bamboo laminate is a great option for you.

One reason that laminate flooring deserves a strong consideration for the floor covering you may use for this next phase of the life of your home or office is that there  is  so much flexibility in styles and designs that make up the world of laminate floor coverings.  That means that you can consider laminate for many different room settings and you can probably find a good choice that fits your needs.  In that way, bamboo laminate is a good option to go for in those rooms where conversation and social interaction is the goal.  Bamboo seems to make that happen naturally.

When you start to look at bamboo laminate samples to consider for the decorating scheme of your room, you have plenty of flexibility of style and colors to fit the mood of the room and to match the general decorating scheme you have in mind.  Bamboo is harvested in China or Southeast Asia.  It is in the early processing of the bamboo, after it is cut into strips and dried, that the laminate is applied.  

Bamboo is distinctive among woods because the shades you will find in laminate possibilities are quite varied.  Usually the natural color of the bamboo is the base color.  That is a great choice to get a very natural feel of real wood around you.  But often bamboo is colorized using heat processing to bring out more amber tones.  The laminating process is also instrumental in providing a wider variety of shades for you to choose form.

Even though bamboo is a natural base component for your laminate flooring, it is still easy to work with during installation so you can do the project yourself if you wish.  The laminate material is easily cut and adapted so you can mold the flooring around permanent installations on the floor as needed.  Like other kinds of laminate flooring, bamboo stays great looking and stands up to traffic for many years.  For the room that you want to capture your family and guests with warmth and welcome, you are well on your way to that perfect feel when you start with bamboo laminate flooring.

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