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Directory of Laminate Flooring Suppliers




Pergo is the company that introduced laminate flooring to the customers in the US when it released its line of laminates in 1982. Since then, Pergo has established ties with retailers and distributors all over the country, making it the premier source of laminate flooring in the US. You can contact their customer service center at 1-800-337-3746.


Alloc introduced mechanical glue-less laminated flooring to the US. The company’s head office is in Racine, Wisconsin. For inquiries about its products, call 262-554-1541 or fax  262-554-1701.

Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk Flooring is one of the country’s trusted names in laminate flooring. It specialized in carpet weaving when it began in 1878, but it has since expanded to manufacturing flooring made of laminate, hardwood, and ceramic tile. You can contact Mohawk Flooring at 1-800-2MOHAWK (1-800-266-4295).


MasterCraft Flooring

MasterCraft is one of British Columbia’s leading names in laminate flooring fabrication and installation. It has been in the flooring industry for almost 50 years, and it is affiliated with Canada’s Better Business Bureau. For phone inquiries, call 250-748-9977.

Paradigm Kitchen Design

Based in Vancouver, Paradigm Kitchen Design is comprised of some of British Columbia’s most talented interior designers.  This design firm specializes in customizing entire kitchens and bathrooms. To know more about its products, call 604-326-6000.

RMI Floors

Robert Irwin is the founder of RMI Floors, and he has more than 10 years of experience in the building and floor installation trade. Call 604-716-0956 for more information about his company's services and products and to get a free estimate. RMI Floors is based in Vancouver.


C & D Flooring Solutions Ltd

C&D Flooring Solutions Ltd. is located on the border of Wales and England. It supplies high quality laminate, hardwood, and tile flooring to Northern England.  You can contact the company at 01691-773390.

Alvin Laminates Ltd.

Based in Leeds, Alvin Laminates Ltd. is a distributor of laminate surfacing for countertops, kitchen islands, and floors. Call 0113-230-6038 for more information about its products.

Apex Office Interiors

Apex Office Interiors is a family-owned business comprised of a group of interior designers. Based in Luton, it specializes in designing office spaces using a wide range of furniture and surfacing and flooring materials. You can call the company at 01582-492434.


Brand Bodenbelage AG

Based in Lucerne, this Swiss company specializes in installing laminate floors. For phone inquiries, call +4141-467-0021.

Berry Floors

This large Belgian company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of laminate flooring. It maintains a corporate office in almost every major city in the world. For more information about its products, call their Menen office at 32-056-52-84-80.

Multi Top Floors

This Dutch laminate fabricator is a brand name in itself, and it is known worldwide for its high quality laminate products. Call +31-75-684-1412 for more information.



This informative web-based company was formed in association with the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. It provides architects and builders with the latest information on building products such as surfacing materials, tools, and more. For more information about the company, call 03-9646-3723.


Fastwood is a Perth-based company that provides high quality wood laminates for flooring and other surfacing needs. You can call its hotline at 041-621-0485.

Creative Flooring

Creative Flooring is a Warata-based company that supplies ceramic tiles, spas, bathroom fixtures, and laminate floors. Call them at 08-9209-2011 for more information about its products and services.



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