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How to Choose Floating Laminate Flooring
http://www.marvinsbuildingmaterials.comWhen you begin to plan a big remodeling program, how you refinish the floor is a big part of that plan.  The look and feel of that floor will set the tone for the rest of the room.  So its important you get a good feel for what you want that floor to look like and then you can set about the quest to make that vision become a reality.  

Flooring is also a big part of any interior redecoration project because other than the walls and the ceiling, the flooring will be the biggest investment you will make.  If you need to lay down new flooring, that can represent a significant effort in terms of time and installation and a big cost as well.  One option that has become more and more popular in the last few years is to use a floating laminate flooring material for several outstanding reasons.

The reason laminate floor is called "floating" is that the nature of the flooring means you don’t have to use any adhesive during installation of the floor.  The laminate flooring simply lays down over the floor underneath.  But because laminate floors are connected with interlocking sections that snap easily together, the movement on the flooring is absorbed over the entire surface so there is no slipping.  Its a unique and very workable system that makes installation much easier as less expensive as well.

The first decision about laminate flooring is whether you are open to using this flooring design as opposed to other methods you might be more familiar with.  If you have the misconception that a laminate floor will look cheap or that it will be obvious you went with a synthetic floor rather than a real wood floor, that should not be a concern.  Laminate manufacturers have come a long way in offering products that are so well made that if you go with a floating wood laminate flooring, it will be virtually impossible to tell that it isn’t a real wood floor short of getting down on your hands and knees and feeling it.

Once you make the decision about using laminate flooring, styles and manufacturers are areas of study that will call for some thought and research.  The variety of types of floating laminate flooring is large and growing all the time.  While some of the most popular styles replicate a wood or bamboo floor, you can really achieve just about any effect you wish with a laminate floor.  So take your time and learn all you can about what to consider when selecting a laminate floors so you have all the facts in mind when you make your choice.

There is no reason to compromise on your artistic vision for what you want in your new room interior design.  In fact, when you begin to expose yourself to the variety of choices of styles, looks, colors and themes that laminate flooring can support, you may have to expand your design ideas because your imagination will suddenly have a lot more to work with.

Next to variety and style, who to buy your floating laminate flooring from may be a matter of price and reputation.  Some of the most well known makers of floating laminate are Formica, Wilsonart, Shaw, Mohawk, Armstrong and Pergo.  The opinions of friends who have had success with various brands of laminate flooring can help you sort out the brand that is best for you.  You can also get a feel for which of these flooring suppliers are in your price range and fit your project needs through guidance from your flooring experts at your local retail center and from reviews in flooring journals and online.  

By taking the time to get to know the brands as well as the styles and brands of floating laminate flooring, you will become an informed consumer when it comes to this important part of your remodeling project.  You will also give yourself lots more options and ways to both have more fun with the new look you are trying to create and even save a bit of money. All those are terrific goals.


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