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How to Get Samples of Laminate Flooring

Getting a sample of laminate flooring before purchasing one is a sensible and practical practice. This gives customers the chance to see which color and design matches the design theme of their home. Manufacturers of laminate flooring usually make sample color and design swatches and flooring panels available to the consumers. Here are some ways on how to get a sample of laminate flooring

Over the phone

Customers can request for a sample by calling the toll-free customer service hotline numbers most major manufacturers maintain. They would be asked for their names, shipping details, and other pertinent information. A laminate flooring sample usually comes with a corresponding fee. It is commonly sent as an entire square foot of flooring material, because like most flooring materials, laminate flooring is sold by the square foot. When ordering over the phone, customers can pay by credit card, debit card, or by money order. It usually takes a few days for the sample to arrive.

Over the Internet

Customers can also order for a sample through the manufacturer’s website. Most major laminate flooring manufacturers maintain online catalogs of their products that provide pictures and product information. Customers can select the sample the sample they want to get and pay for it using their credit cards through a secure payment system.

Ordering through the Internet is more advantageous than ordering over the phone because customers are allowed to see the products ahead of time. Customers often end up having to order blindly when ordering a sample over the phone. The shipment can take a few days to arrive. On the whole, this option is a fast and convenient way to get sample laminate flooring without having to leave the house.

From a supplier

Customers who want to see and touch the laminate flooring for themselves can have the option of ordering a sample from a third-party supplier. They can easily pay the supplier a visit and request for the desired product. Most reputable suppliers have an extensive line up of laminate flooring colors and designs that the customers can choose from.

This option gives customers the certainty that they would be getting what they want. However, they can be limited by what the supplier has in stock. If none of the supplier’s products appeals to the customers, they would have to go to a different supplier.

From a manufacturer’s outlet

Customers who live near a manufacturer’s outlet or factory can go directly to it and request for a sample of the laminate flooring they want. This is the most efficient way to for customers to check out the actual product and bring home a sample to see if it is suitable. A manufacturer’s outlet is sure to have an entire range of laminate flooring products on hand.


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