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Read This Before You Buy Laminate Flooring
http://www.armstrong.comIf you have seen laminate floors that have been put in homes of friends or in offices you visit, they look very impressive.  The outstanding way that laminate floors makes rooms look great is one of many reasons that laminate flooring has really taken off as one of the most popular ways for people to install a new floor in their homes or offices.  In addition to the "classy" look that most laminate flooring installations are known for, other benefits include an ease of installation and the fact that laminate is an economical way to finish out a flooring project.  The styles and types of laminate flooring   are diverse as well.  But like any other new project material, there are some things to think about before you buy laminate flooring.

Preparation for the Project

The more engaged you are in the process, the more assured you will be that the job gets done right and that you are paying a fair price.  One way to prepare is to measure the space yourself so you know exactly how much laminate to order.  By taking those measurements even before you engage a flooring installation installer, you will be the one in charge.  Not only will you be certain that you are ordering the right amount of laminate flooring for the job, you communicate to your installer that you know what you are doing.

Laminate is generally sold in panels that you put together to form one installed floor.  The installation is actually not very difficult and many people who like to do at home projects themselves can put in a laminate floor themselves or with family members or friends and the outcome looks great.  This is an outstanding way to save some money.  If you have a flare for DIY projects, its worth it to get some instructions on how to install your own laminate flooring instead of starting a relationship with an installer.

Lots of Choices

There is quite a large variety of styles, colors and patterns that you can find in laminate flooring.  You can select a brand that simulates hardwood flooring that is so convincing that your guests may never know that those floors are not genuine hardwood.  You can find styles that will match the color patterns in your curtains and wallpaper or that fit with a specific décor theme that you are using for your overall interior decorating plan.  So take some time and shop to get a good feel for the diversity of styles that you have at your disposal in the laminate flooring world.  There is no reason to "settle" for second best when you have that many choices at your disposal.

Floating or Glued

There are two commonly used methods of installation that give you some choices even in how you lay down your laminate floor.  When you use the traditional approach, you receive your laminate in the form of panels that you lay down on the sub flooring in patterns.  You may have to fit and cut some of the panels to make sure the flooring fills in the entire floor.  Also inspect the wall skirting boards along the base.  You should consider pulling them up so you can install all the way to the base of the wall.  When the job is done, you can lay the skirt boards down so the flooring goes under the skirts for a professional looking installation.

The traditional method of laying laminate is to glue the panels in place as you go.  But there is another approach which is called a "floating laminate floor" because you don’t secure the flooring with glue or nails at all.  The panels snap together like Lego pieces using a tongue and groove design.  When the job is done the entire flooring lays down without any need of additional adhesives.  The great thing about this kind of installation is you can make mistakes and not have to pull up glued down pieces.  You can even pull the entire floor up and take it with you when you move.  That is how flexible the floating design is.

By doing some research up front and getting to know some of the options you have in purchasing laminate flooring and some of the installation choices you have, that knowledge can be a big help in planning the project.  And it will only go to deepen your awareness of what a great alternative laminate flooring is for your interior decorating project and for other projects involving putting in a great looking new floor in the future.


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