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Things to Consider Before You Lay Your First Laminate Floor
http://www.kleiberit.comThere are lots of reasons to go ahead and put down a new laminate floor.  Your old flooring may start looking old and dingy.  While you can clean and even patch some floors, there comes a time to put in something new.  Many times the flooring put in by the builder is not the best quality the market has to offer.  So to get a high quality flooring that fits your decorating plan and a floor that will last for decades, laminate is an excellent option.

The great thing about laminate is that it has made the process of installing a new floor affordable and within the grasp of most households.  With a little education on how to select the best laminate flooring material and some exposure to how laminate flooring is installed, you can even put in the flooring yourself and save a lot of money.  There are just a few things to consider before you get started on your laminate flooring project.

Laminate flooring is a big world.

It really is amazing the diversity of styles, colors and patterns that are available in laminate flooring.  The manufacturers of laminate flooring are masters at creating just about any mood you want from your new flooring.  You literally can create the same exact look and feel of genuine hardwood flooring using a laminate and people will not be able to tell the difference.  Only you will know that by going with a laminate, you saved money and put in a flooring that was far easier to install and much easier to take care of as well.

So before you "settle" on what laminate flooring style and manufacturer you will chose for your next interior redesign project, get a good feel for what is available.  The process of shopping will open whole new worlds of interior decorating to you.  It might even cause you to go back and review your approach to your new room entirely.  Also be mindful of the prices and installation options that you have at your disposal.  

You are not locked into one particular make or model of laminate flooring.  It is highly competitive market which means there are many laminate makers who can deliver good quality product at a reduced cost and you wont be sacrificing quality.  And don’t overlook the internet to shop for bargains. Cyber shopping has brought a new level of competition to every retail market and the marketplace for laminate flooring is no exception.

Making the installation decision.

The first installation decision you face is whether you should install your laminate flooring yourself or use the installer provided by the laminate flooring supplier or an independent installer.  It is an individual decision because many of us simply do not do our work when it comes to home improvement.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But be aware that it simply is not that difficult to install laminate flooring.  So you should be able to find an installer who will do the job for a reasonable price compared to installing hardwood flooring.  

It is worthwhile to consider installing your laminate flooring yourself.  Many laminate floor styles do not have to be secured to the sub floor at all.  The planks fit together in a groove and tab style so they will snap into place like a big jigsaw puzzle.  It is entirely possible for you to install your laminate floor yourself in an afternoon if the room was ready before the flooring arrived.  And if you do it yourself, you save money and get a big sense of pride and ownership because you put that floor down without help.

Preparation for the project

The success of any project lies in preparation.  Preparation for the successful installation of your laminate floor means that you know in advance how to clean, level and repair the flooring that will support your new floor for the next several decades. It means you know the tools you will need and have them ready on installation day.  It means you know when the laminate flooring will arrive and you have storage ready to go and a plan for installation that is efficient.  

All of this calls upon you to get some consultation from professional installers, gain an understanding of the process and have any help you may need on hand day one of the installation.  But if you do your homework up front, you will not only be effective at installing your own laminate flooring, you will have fun in the process.


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