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Which Laminate Floor Can I Use for Stairs?
Laminate Stair FlooringLaminate is such a versatile material that you can use it on a wide variety of surfaces to tie the house together with one coordinated pattern.  Because laminate comes in such a large variety of patterns and colors, when you are in the planning stage of your interior decorating remodeling plan, laminate opens up a whole world of possibilities to you.  You can even redo your stairs by using a similar laminate design on the steps that you used in the front entry way or other parts of the house.  It is an exciting way to make your home fun and interesting for family and guests as well.

Look at how you select the laminate covering for your stairs with an eye for color and fashion but also with a realistic approach to how that flooring will perform under the active traffic that a typical home staircase endures.  That means that laminate that you buy to put on the stairs must be high quality that will not just hold up to a lot of traffic but keep looking good for years despite that constant use.  

It is wise to make sure you invest in heavy duty, high quality laminate flooring even more so than you might use for other less traffic prone areas of the home.  The flooring professionals at your home redecoration center will be able to point you to the manufacturers and models of laminate that are most often used stairways.  Another good way to develop a short list of laminate brands to consider for the stairs is to talk to friends and associates who have had some success using laminated flooring on their stairs.  They may have some good insights not only on which laminate floor you can use but installation tips and other insider guidelines that come from experience putting laminate in place in this relatively small area of your home.

The stairs are a specialized area of the home so selecting the right laminate materials for the steps calls for some thought just as you might have used when picking the laminate flooring for your bathroom.  But you should not let the fact that laying laminate flooring in small areas like steps takes more thought and preparation so discourage you.  As you may have experienced if you installed laminate in small areas like a closet, hallway or bathroom, laminate is extremely adaptable and easy to cut and mold.  That means  you can measure and cut the laminate flooring and install the entire surface of your stairs in as little as an afternoon and the result will look great and last for years.

One thing to keep in mind when planning to resurface your stairs with laminate flooring is that you should put a priority on securing the flooring to the stairs with a high quality adhesive.  Be meticulous when applying the glue so that the edges of the laminate are well secured.  This keeps fringes of the laminate from peeling back which is unsightly and potentially dangerous to people using the stairs.  In fact, many DIY laminate installers reinforce the edges of their stair flooring installation with brads or tacks to make sure that installation will stay secure and worry free for a long time to come.

These precautions you are taking by purchasing laminate materials that are made to stand up to lots of traffic and by putting extra care into securing the laminate during installation not only will be reflected in the beauty of your stairs, they are prudent steps to assure your installation is safe for anyone using those stairs.  You might consider a laminate that has a matte or a patterned surface because some laminate flooring is slick and glossy.  While this is beautiful, that type of surface made result in a slick installation that could present a hazard to children running up and down those stairs.

It is easy to see that there are some unique things to think about when planning to use laminate flooring on the stairs of your home.  But the outcome can be beautiful and stylish particularly if the stairway flooring ties in beautifully with the rest of the home.  The quest for beauty, functionality and style are always big priorities when remodeling any part of the home.  And you can achieve all of these goals by using laminate flooring even on the stairs.

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