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Design Options For Great Looking Parquet Floors
http://www.dollshouseminiatures.co.nzParquet is one of the most interesting types of hardwood flooring of the many design options you have.  The definition of what a parquet floor is sometimes seems confusing but it isn't.  Plainly put a parquet floor is made up of many small blocks or strips of various types of wood and various colors and shades to make up a patchwork flooring that is fun and beautiful at the same time.  If you include parquet in the types of flooring you are considering for a new flooring project, it opens up a lot of interesting design motifs that you can think about.

Rooms where parquet looks great

When you select parquet for part of your remodeling and interior decoration scheme, it is the type of hardwood floor that begs to be seen an enjoyed.  So use parquet in rooms that will get lots of use like the family room, an entry hall or in the kids recreation room.  The style of parquet is so upbeat and youthful that it will become a great addition to the decoration plan of the room.  At the same time, parquet is a very durable and tough type of flooring so it will hold up to lots of use as well as any kind of flooring you might have in mind.

Using parquet to accent a room.

Part of the reason parquet is such a great choice for a room is that if that room was plain and drab before, parquet changes that room into a colorful and interesting place to be.  But parquet is also a great choice for a room that may have some flaws or damaged areas because the eye catching nature of the flooring often serves to disguise those imperfections wonderfully.  Parquet has the quality of creating such a unique and new look that the room where it is installed will become transformed and have that "like new" look to it that is a nice pay off for the work and expense of doing a room remodel.

Besides how great parquet looks when you use it to fill a floor space, it also is a perfect accept flooring to put in entry ways and other places that are used to highlight a great looking carpet or tile installation.  The colors of parquet can be crafted to fit perfectly with a décor that dominates a room so the parquet serves like a perfect picture frame for the room.

Using parquet to dress up a special piece

Another very creative design option that many people use parquet flooring for is to create a special location for a table or an art work.  By creating a circle in a living room space that is outlined with a decorative rim, you can lay parquet tile in that circle that is the perfect setting for a special table or furniture piece that you want to see highlighted.  In some cases, the floor beneath a work of art or around a very elegant fireplace is decorated with parquet so the beauty of this great looking floor design accents something in your home that is also very beautiful.

You can see that the ways parquet flooring can be used to accent a room or become the central flooring design of a room are diverse.  If you pay attention in home and even public buildings or museums, you will begin to notice how often parquet is used in some very creative and artistic ways.  This is a great way for you to get some great ideas for ways to use parquet to accent the look and feel of the rooms in your home as well.


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