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F.A.Q About Parquet Floors
http://img.alibaba.comOf the many kinds of flooring that you can choose from to add lots of beauty and elegance to your home, parquet flooring stands out as perhaps the most unique.  While cork, bamboo and many hardwood floors often look very similar to each other, the artistic way parquet floors are made assures that if you install this unique look in your home, it will be a conversation piece as much as any artwork on the wall.  That is a tall order to be sure but it is intended to create interest so you will be inspired to find out more about what parquet floors are and get some answer to those frequently asked questions about this unusual flooring design.

What are parquet floors?

Most hardwood floors are one type of wood and that is the beauty of them.  But parquet floors derive a beauty that is just as striking using several kinds of wood.  Instead of continuous boards, a parquet floor consists of many small blocks or strips of wood that are woven into a  pattern that is highly pleasing to the eye.  The types of wood that are mixed together in any parquet floor are as diverse as the there are species of wood.  Because parquet can tap all of the colors of nature, you can achieve just about any look and find a parquet design that will fit the color patterns and mood of your interior decorating plan.

Is it true that parquet flooring is too expensive for most people?

There are some parquet flooring models that are quite expensive.  The popular belief that all parquet flooring is for the very rich or should be reserved for museums and mansions comes from the fact that the design of parquet floors is often considered art in its own right.  

The truth is that the cost of any parquet flooring option you might be considering is a factor of the kinds of wood that were used in the creation of the pattern.  If the flooring is made up  of the most expensive woods possible then yes, it will be an expensive installation.  But the flooring industry is a very competitive market.  That means that there are plenty of respectable and trustworthy parquet floor manufactures who are making patterns that we all can afford.

Can parquet flooring be installed as a DIY project?

The good new is that you don’t have to lay every one of those wood chips to install a parquet floor.  It comes with the patterns already in place so when you buy parquet flooring, you get panels to install just as you would for any flooring installation project.  If you have the basic skills and tools to do DIY projects of similar scope around the house, you will be able to do a fine job installing your own parquet flooring.  

Take a look at the many online guides to installing hardwood flooring on this site and others to get a feel for what is involved.  If it seems like it might be more than you can take on, don’t hesitate to turn the job over to a qualified contractor.  Better to have the job done right than to try it  yourself and live to regret it.

Is care and cleaning a parquet floor difficult?

Parquet flooring is included in the hardwood flooring category. That means that you should take care to buy only cleansers that are made for the specific parquet floor you have installed.  Do not use commercial cleaners you can buy at the store as they contain harsh chemicals that can hurt the wood of your new floor.  Your new floor is as much a floor as it is a work of art and a valuable possession so you should plan to care for it as such.  If you clean it regularly and take care to avoid spills, scratches and stains, that floor will continue to look wonderful for many, many years.


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