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Installation Tips for Parquet Wood Floors
http://nashville.classicpartyrentals.comThe other day I was watching a basketball game on TV that included the fabled Celtics.  The game was fun to watch of course but something that I noticed that helped make that game unique and classy was the floor of the basketball court.  That floor was a parquet wood floor which is such a beautiful and elegant flooring that it jumped out at me watching that ball game on TV.  If parquet floors are that impressive, small wonder they are so popular as a method of dressing up the floors of homes all around the nation.

A parquet floor, in a nutshell, is made up of hundreds of small squares of wood, each with a different color, pattern and "personality".  You can create a parquet floor using 3-4 of the varieties of wood you want with the goal of creating a color coordinated masterpiece that is one floor and yet all of those delightful squares. The joy of a parquet floor is in the way the tiles fit together into a unified theme and yet each one is unique.  That is one reason that parquet floors are so popular and considered to be perhaps the most beautiful kind of flooring you can have installed in your home.  

When you set out to install a parquet floor, maybe one of the biggest challenges will be how to select the best looking parquet pattern  you can imagine.  That is where your creativity comes in.

Installation Tip #1 - Take Your Time and Make it Fun.

Too often people grow faint at the idea of getting on their hands and knees and putting together that intricate patchwork of wood chips to create a beautiful parquet floor.  First of all, before you give up entirely, it is possible to buy parquet flooring completed so you simply lay down planks of hardwood floor that are already made up of parquet floor designs.  This splits the difference because you get the look and feel of genuine parquet without the hard work of putting it in yourself.

Of course you can hire someone to meticulously place the many wood squares in place so they fit into the full design you want.  But where's the fun in that?  Yes we used the word fun because look at this adventure in laying your parquet flooring as a large act of creativity.  You can select each and every tile and lay it in place.  Once you get the hang of placing the blocks in place and square by square you see your floor falling into place, it can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you can have in interior decorating.

But be sure you give yourself permission to make it fun and buy yourself the time to install the flooring carefully, slowly and with relish.  In fact, it makes a great family project to where even the kids can get down and lay a few blocks themselves.  

Installation Tip #2 - Start Out Flat

It is vitally important that the sub floor that you will lay your parquet flooring on is absolutely flat.  If you are going to lay the flooring directly onto concrete, it must be clear of all previous flooring, perfectly clean, level and in perfect repair.  Even a small concrete bump is more than you can allow.  The good news is if the concrete is not in good enough shape, you can lay a plywood sub floor to compensate for the flaws and that makes a perfect sub floor for a parquet installation.

Installation Tip #3 - Seal it.

You will use a bonding agent to lay each wood square in place so it fits into the pattern just right.  You should plan to keep the room from seeing any use until the entire parquet installation is done. Each section will have to dry several hours as well so strict rules about staying off of the new flooring must be in place.  But when the entire job is done, be sure you invest in a good sealant that you can lay down over the entire floor to close off any pours that might allow moisture through.  Once the flooring is done and finished, you must treat it like any other wood floor and protect it from dirt and moisture.  A quality sealant will help you maintain your floor so they stay just as beautiful years from now as they were the day you laid that gorgeous parquet pattern in place.


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