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What is Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

Vinyl sheet (or sheet vinyl) is a popular choice for home owners who are looking for flooring that will withstand the demands of high wear and tear, like kitchens and bathrooms.

The main advantage of sheet vinyl is that it can be installed with minimal seams, or sometimes completely seam free. This means that damage cause by things such as water is greatly decrease as there are low chances of water or other materials seeping in cracks and finishes of other flooring materials. Consistent moisture in some high activity areas require durable, safe and reliable flooring products, making vinyl sheet a popular and cost effective choice as protective coverings.

Sheet vinyl sheet is designed of layers, constructed in sheets of 6’ and 12’ widths. The construction of these layers usually depicts the type of backing and there are generally two forms: 1) Felt backing, which accommodates for around 90% of vinyl available on the market today; and 2) Fiberglass vinyl sheets, which offers the most options for installation. This second option, Fiberglass vinyl, is the newest design in vinyl sheet flooring and is often preferred for its softer and more cushioned feel over the regular felt backing vinyls.

While there are two main options available for vinyl sheet backing, generally the top layers remain the same for both the felt and fiberglass options. Vinyl sheet is made of three upper layers:
1: The top coat. This layer is the protective layer, made of urethane that makes vinyl particularly simple to clean and most importantly makes the product resilient to scratching, scrapes, nicks and scuff marks.
2: The performance layer. This layer is considered to be the wear layer and supports the top coat by offering greater protection, adding sturdiness and strength that offers a greater protection against breaking or slitting. A general rule of thumb is the thicker this layer is the better the quality function of the floor.
3: The print layer: This is the layer of design. There are many options of patterns and designs available in the market today, some with very realistic representations of natural building products. Rich colors and schemes offer vibrancy and attractiveness to this durable floor option.

Sheet vinyl provides for very quick installation times. Many customers are extremely happy with the durability, ease and look that this fantastic product offers. Teamed with this, there is that added bonus that you can be satisfied with knowing that your new flooring look will be available in minimum time. This makes it ideal if you are seeking quick results.




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